Ep. 2.5 Igloo Tank (Hot Dog & Sushi Feeding Frenzy)

29 dic 2020
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Of course it goes without saying, hot dog and sushi aren’t suitable for usual aquarium inhabitants.
This is a bit of a silly video. I did leave the hot dog in there for only a few minutes.

Ep. 2 Final build of the tank eswindow.info/call/oZqeoYKp3YWLrKM/v-deo.html
Ep. 1 The igloo eswindow.info/call/hKuHZKaBtqaBn3k/v-deo.html

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The hot dog was boiled for 30 minutes to remove most of the oil, grease, and fat. The shrimp were bought from a bait shop. The shrimp served two purposes, to clean the algae off of the igloo and to check if the tank’s water was stable. These shrimp are notorious for not doing well in an aquarium, but they did very well in this tank. This tank was cycled for over a month, and it has a very over the top internal sump filter to deal with the excess food and the huge number of shrimp.
I actually tried feeding them boiled spinach, cabbage, and mulberry leaf. They did not eat them at all. I did however saw that they were hunting and eating each other, even after feeding them with pellets daily. That's why I tried a meaty diet.
The fish added are called Apistogramma Borellii (Opal). It is a pair. I’ve been conditioning them to take flakes and pellets. They are eating fine. I just have to film it. They are very curious and intelligent fish. It took a week, but they have finally decided that I’m a food source, not a predator.
The algae on the igloo comes back way too fast. I tried manually cleaning it and using the shrimp, but they come back very fast. I’m thinking about getting an algae eater, but I don’t know if the apistos will leave them alone or not. I do actually kinda like the algae look, too, so maybe I might just leave it the way it is.
I’ll try to update this tank much sooner than usual.
Erik Satie
Gymnopedie No.2
Cello Suite No. 1 in G major

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  • İ wish i had discovered your channel before. İt makes me relax to watch these weird animals i have never seen before.it is possible to see their internal organs . Really amazing.

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  • Sausage and other meat isn't good for shrimps because they are growing too fast from the animal protein. Therefore they get problems with molting and can die.

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