(Fan Projects Announcement) NO filter, NO CO2, NO ferts Tank

25 abr 2020
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Send me your tanks inspired by me.

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  • A 12 "fish tank, 2 betta fish, 4 dwarf shrimps, can a water plant be?

    yoya clubyoya clubHace 2 meses
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Eric CartmanEric CartmanHace 5 meses
  • I am still watching this video

    Kids KidsKids KidsHace 6 meses
  • Where do I send a picture?

    Aditya KaleAditya KaleHace 7 meses
  • eswindow.info/call/eISVn3xozWhjsK8/v-deo.html No filter, no co2 , no ferts. My Nano tank. Must check.

    Aqua InceptionsAqua InceptionsHace 7 meses
  • Wow, nice tank. I'm planning to set up one soon. Hope you can visit my channel eswindow.info/call/crN9i5xpuqt_wH0/v-deo.html ... Paki sub na rin po 😘

    RheaPH channelRheaPH channelHace 11 meses
  • Can anyone here check out my relaxing aquarium videos? This channel is what inspired me most to start a planted tank

    Skye GibbensSkye GibbensHace 11 meses
  • Just went through a breakup and these videos are the only thing keeping me sane. Thank you, thank you. God bless you and your work. 🙏

    PassionatelyMePassionatelyMeHace 11 meses
  • Hey Foo! I just sent you an email about my tank, I'm not trying to get onto one of your videos. I just hope you get a chance to look at my tank! I got into it after somehow stumbling across your videos and I have a no filter, no c02, no ferts tank on my bedside table :)

    Jaidyn CockroftJaidyn CockroftHace un año
  • 2 jar aquarium in ANTIQUE SHOP NoCO2, No filter, No heater eswindow.info/call/k5Clj5mutqOezas/v-deo.html

  • We are aiming for a great channel like you. I can't change the title, but I hope the project goes well !! How to make AQUATERRARIUM NO Heater,NO CO2,No fertilizer eswindow.info/call/pH-sbJyTral5zas/v-deo.html

  • Hello Foo the Flowerhorn, Do you think that is possible to do a 150L tank No filter, No CO2, No ferts ? I'm struggling to do that. My first idea was to make like one of yous videos, but things went sideways. Can you give me some advises ?

    Murilo RuyMurilo RuyHace un año
  • Где видео?! Все мои друзья ждут новое видео

    Трофимов Павел РЕАЛЬНЫЙ ИМЯТрофимов Павел РЕАЛЬНЫЙ ИМЯHace un año
  • This is super cool, anybody do a similar planted nano with cold water fish? (No heater)

    Kevin MckayKevin MckayHace un año
  • i love listening it helps me fall asleep

    BetaniaBetaniaHace un año
  • That’s cool! Your videos are really inspiring and I am really thinking about starting a 10 gallon walstad betta tank because of you. If I do I might send a pic!

    ElizabethElizabethHace un año
  • My daughter wants a Betta for her small tank.

    Boris KunBoris KunHace un año
  • voice reveal

    OskaOskaHace un año
  • Can you please make a short video to show how you made the glass tank cover.

    Eon LordEon LordHace un año
  • You inspired my tank too.

    DeazadventureDeazadventureHace un año
  • You Sir are a Genius!!!!

    Kristin BeardKristin BeardHace un año
  • Im attempting a 250 gallon no filter aquarium that was inspired by your videos! I used chicken manure for the substrate. When does it stop smelling so bad? Hahaha

    garison bonusgarison bonusHace un año
  • Do you have any tips on treating a Betta with dropsy? :( We just noticed it a couple days ago.

    Maura OrozcoMaura OrozcoHace un año
  • I have fallen in love with your videos. Thank you

    Abby BehnAbby BehnHace un año
  • You are the best

    Himel2413 LHimel2413 LHace un año
  • You are my favorite person.

    Ruptikan'tRuptikan'tHace un año
  • I need help stores no longer sell miracle grow anymore and I can't find any of the organic soils I could use for my aquarium plz can anyone give me specific options and what soil to use that will work !

    Aquarium PlanetAquarium PlanetHace un año
  • Blue Velvet Shrimps in your next aquarium video please? I find them so beautyful

    Eduardo KTGEduardo KTGHace un año
  • Hey there, can you, or anyone in the comments tell me where I can get the little plastic round things that float at the top of your tanks? Really in need of one. THANKS

    Joseph DeLeeuwJoseph DeLeeuwHace un año
  • Hi, Here is my tank that I built after watching your videos. eswindow.info/call/frF6n6qA23eTtKM/v-deo.html I also read Diana Walstad book on your recommendation. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring. Please let me know what you think. Not sure if this is the place to share my video.

    Prashanth TPrashanth THace un año
  • Have you ever tried making a natural aquarium? Like a pond digged outside your house in your backyard or garden. That could be something new that you may wanna look into. The size could be much larger than tanks and you could keep multiple species.

    Kashish KhullarKashish KhullarHace un año
  • Ima try this

    Bj BryantBj BryantHace un año
  • Do u want to make a new type of animal or something like that with ur tank cuz I seen ur vids and I think u are making some dinosaurs

    Terrozzer GamerTerrozzer GamerHace un año
  • I’ve always wanted to make one but in quarantine it’s hard.. but I live hat you do and that you for your amazing content 🧡

    Galaxy Didn’t AskGalaxy Didn’t AskHace un año
  • Can you add subtitles in Turkish?

    No name MNo name MHace un año
  • This is my no co2 no filter, no ferts pond. eswindow.info/call/qoponW2T23mat6M/v-deo.html

    DraPezESDraPezESHace un año
  • You are an amazing person. You care for your fish and aquariums. Wonderful. I love this.

    Nate LoderNate LoderHace un año
  • Can you make a cideo about your cat?

    Jaidyn AndvikJaidyn AndvikHace un año
  • Big fan of yours, love all of your relaxing aquascape content, peace✌️

    LCWYLCWYHace un año
  • hello I subscribed to your channel I'm shooting aquarium videos, I am not as good as you but if you want to look, you can subscribe to my channel

    Murat Çalişkan VideolarıMurat Çalişkan VideolarıHace un año
  • Dear brothers, please watch and support me too. I got inspiration from this channel (Foo the flowerhorn) m.eswindow.info/block/ZbBzgPHpTzBZM8RpyBU30g.html

    Desirous LearnerDesirous LearnerHace un año
  • Bruh

    ZachZachHace un año
  • This is now what I watch when everything has gone wrong just looking at these little guys perfect little world makes my suffering seem just as small and the music is nice

    jack robertsjack robertsHace un año
  • Rakun dan görup gelenler

    Fehmihan TuncerFehmihan TuncerHace un año
  • It's wonderful bro😻

    fishery groupfishery groupHace un año
  • eswindow.info/call/c36WmY92kISj34k/v-deo.html Esta palabra sera de mucha bendiciones para sus vidas

  • Can u buy some cherry shrimps for this tank?

    Vlad Dracul 20Vlad Dracul 20Hace un año
  • Hi. Would it be possible to make a planted tank of around 31 gallons (120L) without livestock? Would it need filter? And artificial light??

    Marina BuenoMarina BuenoHace un año
  • Dropped a 14track tape. Lmk how u feel about it. 🛹🪐🪐 Link soundcloud.com/zan-numba5/sets/zan-5

    ZAN #5ZAN #5Hace un año
  • eswindow.info/call/i4eIm5qp06pr1Js/v-deo.html

    AquaCenter XAquaCenter XHace un año
  • What’s Camera you used to take the Video?

    My TimesMy TimesHace un año
  • Bro can i know which filter you use for the florhorn tank plsssss

    Lazy men's WorldLazy men's WorldHace un año
  • These videos are insanely relaxing

    Stephan DStephan DHace un año
  • Hi, there. Can we get a time lapse video.

    Rafi Ethimad AshrafRafi Ethimad AshrafHace un año
    • I wanted to see how they grow

      Rafi Ethimad AshrafRafi Ethimad AshrafHace un año
  • People be saying I wish I had a tank like this but it lots of work to have one like this👇like if agree

    Crizy OpezCrizy OpezHace un año
  • So this just happened to pop up on my timeline.... & I watched the whole dam thing

    SlimSlimHace un año
  • 祖传BGM 哈哈哈

    李春李春Hace un año
  • been watching your videos for the past 6months... I'm finally getting myself a shrimp tank... arriving soon

    XtarizXtarizHace un año
  • You should try and get a turtle 🐢

    Not NoahNot NoahHace un año

    Abireksa OndangAbireksa OndangHace un año
  • What country is this filmed in?

    AnyKeyLadyAnyKeyLadyHace un año
  • I know this will sound ridiculous, but please hear me out: Can you use the NO filter,NO CO2,NO ferts tank setup to grow edible water weed? I’m asking on behalf of an urban farmer friend of mine.

    VenusMoonstone Leader of the DrakgonsVenusMoonstone Leader of the DrakgonsHace un año
  • I emailed you, or video on my channel

    Rat GreeneryRat GreeneryHace un año
  • Love this channel. Liked Subbed and Shared

    Cosmic FattyCosmic FattyHace un año
  • The Refuge Tank|No Co2|No Filter| Bio Tank|Walstad Method|Gourami Family Take a look at my tank and if you can support my channel would be gr8

    Desi ScianceeDesi ScianceeHace un año
  • Thank you for the inspiring videos. Because of you I have my own walstad nano tank :-) : eswindow.info/call/o26Lha-u1Xp0noE/v-deo.html

    Planted Tank ProjectsPlanted Tank ProjectsHace un año
  • Very nice 👍

    Hobim Balık ÜretimHobim Balık ÜretimHace un año
  • You inspired me to get back into the hobby after my 75 gal disaster. (Sump failed and water went everywhere) it wont be a no filter no co2 no fert tank but it will be a 5 gal planted shrimp and fish tank. Love your vids keep up the good work!!!!!!

    Jacob AdamsJacob AdamsHace un año
  • Check my channel inspired by Mr. Foo

    Marvin MMarvin MHace un año
  • You inspired me to make one for guppies

    OLIV3ROLIV3RHace un año
  • Have you ever considered about making an aquaterrarium with a turtle? I'd like to see how you would do the acquaterrarium with them :) if you get them young and u accostom they with fish (preferably larger than turtles) they won't eat them. You should choose the right plants too, but probably if you accostom them from not eating plants they won't eat them. I have turtles, if u did it would be nice take inspiration from your videos, I love your aquaterrario’s (sorry for the bad english!!

    shynseshynseHace un año
  • I started a tank that’s going well, but everyone has been recommending I don’t use a soil substrate. Seeing how successful you’ve been, I hope I get over it and go that final step when I get a larger tank!

    Umamah YusufiUmamah YusufiHace un año
  • I really want to try your tank style. It looks so peaceful. Someday I would like to decorate the large 120 cm tank luxuriously for just one betta. Your videos made me to dream that. Now I'm just a student yet, It's so sad that I cannot join this project right away.

    TGTGHace un año
  • Set one up 5 weeks ago going to let it grow out three more weeks to give the plants more time. But the wait is killing me! Sent mine just now. Hope you use it!

    Jason CoffeyJason CoffeyHace un año
  • eswindow.info/call/mpt5r2ZqqZSr3Yk/v-deo.html proof of being foo the flowerhorn's fan..

    Tiny Nature AquaticsTiny Nature AquaticsHace un año
  • So I have been planning on making a cardinal tetra planted breeding tank that will use a sponge filter but with no added co2 only the optional plant fertilizer for the plants which will work as hiding places for the cardinal tetra fry. I am also gonna upload it on youtube once the fry are old enough because in the beginning both the fry and eggs are very light sensitive so I don't want to film them which could let in light by accident. I am not sure if that qualifies but if it does feel free to tell me. I have never bred fish before but I am looking to jump right into the world of breeding fish even if it means starting with something challenging and luckily I have done much research on the topic of breeding fish and especially the cardinal tetra.

    Axelrodi mansionAxelrodi mansionHace un año
  • eswindow.info/call/hYStsYR-mqFzr6M/v-deo.html Here's mine ❤️

    Shriyansh ChouhanShriyansh ChouhanHace un año
  • Hello, can I move your video to the video website in China? I will sign

    鲟埙鲟埙Hace un año
  • Tbh I ain’t gonna lie idk what I would do if she stopped making vids

    Vhs_ghostVhs_ghostHace un año
  • On it

    Dean JohnsonDean JohnsonHace un año
  • you're my inspiration for starting a Walstad method tank of my own, so I'll definitely be participating! can't wait to see everyone's aquariums

    yanlok0706yanlok0706Hace un año
  • I'll have to send you some pic's of mine. That is if I can find pics from earlier; atm, it's got a persistent algae bloom. It even stayed cycled even with being freighted for two weeks across the country. (The betta resident it was shipped separately via post, but never ate after arriving)

    GarrettGarrettHace un año
  • After I've been watching your videos, I have make a playlist of just the music gymnopedie keep playing when I want to fall asleep peacefully

    Roses Are Red玫瑰之约Roses Are Red玫瑰之约Hace un año
  • Ok I’ve been subscribed for a few months now and... I have a dumb question. Could someone please tell me what a fert is?

    ZetaZetaHace un año
    • Foo the Flowerhorn that’s what I was assuming, but your explanation was very helpful. I thought I had to be wrong in my assumption because the extent of my experience with long term aquariums is with local fish and local plants (read; scavenged/foraged wildlife). It makes way more sense in the context of exotic plants and animals, in fact no fertilizer was probably a big reason my early aquarium attempts died off

      ZetaZetaHace un año
    • Fertilizer. I don't use commercially available aquarium plant fertilizers. It's b/c there's organic soil at the bottom. If you don't use organic soil, or if you have high light, high CO2, or high ferts plants, usually more expensive plants, you should definitely use fertilizers. Using ferts isn't bad, all plants can benefit from using ferts, but if you use too much, you'll only grow more algae.

      Foo the FlowerhornFoo the FlowerhornHace un año
  • Nice!

    Mmbohn1Mmbohn1Hace un año
  • l hate this👉😆👈

    peter tttrpeter tttrHace un año
  • Awwww 😍🥰 the love and interest and inspiration are real 💯💯🥰😍

    Tiara Yvonnette ScottTiara Yvonnette ScottHace un año
  • Foo i need help with my tank i got worms like really small once everywhere idk what to do

    Natalie DumyanNatalie DumyanHace un año
  • Ive set a planted community tank (11.6) month ago and all the mollies have exploded in population inspired from your setup and designs💗💗💗

    Mloof the MollyMloof the MollyHace un año
  • nice

    Cat ColtCat ColtHace un año
  • Thank you so much for such an inspiring video! I would never start an aquarium if ESwindow didn’t pick me up at 4 in the morning your video! Now I have three tanks =))) One of them eswindow.info/call/nqRtb5d4znqo1K8/v-deo.html I would be grateful for the feedback

    PinstvoPinstvoHace un año
  • Epix

    Matias BonassiMatias BonassiHace un año
  • Can we get a video of the volcano please.

    Keith DassKeith DassHace un año
  • Plz plz plz plz plz

    TriBuTe BoiTriBuTe BoiHace un año
  • Plz do more flowerhorn vids

    TriBuTe BoiTriBuTe BoiHace un año
  • And what happened to the volcano tank? My wife ask me every night. Thank YOU for this videos.

    David ArtecheDavid ArtecheHace un año
  • mantap dan terpadamkan si merah ... semangat salam seduluran damai selalu. jangan lupa mampir bosque

    uki Wijayauki WijayaHace un año
  • This is an awesome way to interact with your subscribers!

    Devan DunnDevan DunnHace un año
  • You inspired me! I haven't gotten bold enough to go filterless yet, but i will once my carpet seeds come in. It'll be a 2. 5 gallon soil base tank

    Lehocki CardsLehocki CardsHace un año
  • my parents got me a betta when I was like 4 or 5 but I was 4/5 and yeah the betta was named neptune but I overfed him one night since my parents left the fish food in there since I thought that if I fed him all the food the food would be in his tank and it would be like a buffet that he could nom on whenever he wanted but he suffocated from the food getting in his gills and vghuikjGHJK I hate myself for that (if it matters I'm ADHD and I didn't take medication for it when I was 5, and because of my ADHD I did stupid things without thinking) I miss him but my parents are going to get me a new betta tank now that I'm 16 and my younger brother has a betta tank as well, we got a red and blue betta for him and his name is spiderman but he ate all the guppies in the tank so we renamed him venom he follows my finger all the time and if he was a person and not a fish he'd be a mafia leader istg hes a big muscular fish but I love him but hes my brothers D:

    Inuhoseki SouruitaInuhoseki SouruitaHace un año