(Fan Service) This is YOUR NO filter, NO CO2, NO Ferts Tank

16 may 2020
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This is a fan service video. Thank you all so much for sending me your pictures and videos. I hope you all reach balance in your own little worlds.
I shaved Curry eariler this year. She’s been coughing up hairball too often. She can’t afford to lose any more water from her body these days. She hasn’t coughed up hairball in over a week since I shaved her. Her hair length is around 9mm. I didn’t give her a full shave.
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Claire de Lune and Reverie
Played by neemiasteixeira

  • Thank you for the submissions. Sorry I couldn’t get to all of them. I had to stop at around 200. This was one of the most grueling edits ever. To the fans and viewers of this channel: I’m so humbled, grateful, and happy that so many of you were inspired by my videos enough to create your own tanks. I hope you get to enjoy all that comes with keeping a tank that reaches a perfect balance. I hope you use all the information from this channel for your fun tanks. The explanation: eswindow.info/call/f5uDqXyGy5eWsmg/v-deo.html The setup: eswindow.info/call/i6-hfn-p1Kansn0/v-deo.html On a final note, I want to say that this is just one type of aquarium keeping. Using good filters and other tech can also be a very rewarding experience. To other fishtubers: I just want to say that lots of us bounce ideas off of one other. This channel couldn’t exist without all of you. Inspiring each other is natural and healthy, I think, otherwise, we all would still be trying to keep gold fishes in a half gallon bowls. However, as video makers and as video editors, we all know where we got our inspirations from. We use the inspirations consciously, subconsciously, or maybe it’s just a coincidence. I don’t mind anyone of you getting inspired by my videos. However, I’m sure we all know that there’s an unspoken rule, a line, that we don’t cross. Promoting feeding a sliced boiled egg is definitely going too far. Just my opinion. Finally, I would like to share my little secret to running my channel. I hope it helps you out in some way. I don’t talk or do a face reveal b/c I freeze in front of a camera. I always knew that I was at a disadvantage running a youtube channel b/c of this. So I focused on my strengths. I asked myself what am I good at? And that’s been the main driving force behind this channel. This is what worked for me and made making videos fun and rewarding. I’ve been inspired by so many of you. I appreciate all that you do. There are just too many to list, but the few that stands out for this channel are: King of DIY: The very first video I saw of him: eswindow.info/call/f6t-app1qGWjt30/v-deo.html I thought to myself, people make fish videos? Then I thought, people watch fish videos? Without his early vids, I would’ve never got the courage to start my own channel. Dustin's Fish Tanks He introduced me to the Walstad method: eswindow.infovideos He sells plants, too. Go support him. Dangerousfishbowl The jungle bubble video was the best bowl that I’d ever seen: eswindow.info/call/iHKqon2Zm2WqsaM/v-deo.html Learning about Walstad method from Dustin and seeing the jungle bubble got me the idea to make my first Walstad bowl. Girl Talks Fish I saw this video: eswindow.info/call/dK6ijnmjsJyD0n0/v-deo.html And was inspired to do the shrimp feeding series. Her vids are quite good and underrated, imo. Soylent green! Creative Pet Keeping I saw this video: eswindow.info/call/Z2t8pXuZlH6C2JE/v-deo.html And was inspired to add almond leaves in Kartofflel tank. I wasn’t aware she also kept a betta Mahachai. I think she provides lots of info on it. Go check her out.

    Foo the FlowerhornFoo the FlowerhornHace un año
    • How do you do it, I can’t seem to get many plants growing at all, I do have a larger tanks with a filter, would that do it?

      Bean-SacBean-SacHace 10 meses
    • Thank you for putting in classical music. Clair de lune is one of my favorite pieces.

      OutGoingBlueOutGoingBlueHace 10 meses
    • I'm always looking forward to seeing your videos. I just did a college project on the setup of my tanks, thanks for the inspiration(and the videos are up on my channel right now)

      Austin SmitheyAustin SmitheyHace 11 meses
    • Hi all, I love Foo , please watch my betta too and support me. eswindow.info/call/hK9nsW1lynSErHA/v-deo.html

      Desirous LearnerDesirous LearnerHace un año
    • Thank you for your videos.They are not only didactic but also really aesthetic.It is so pleasant to watch and to listen to them.I hope you will be making them for as long as possible and as long as it is enjoyable to you though XD

      Marta GrabowskaMarta GrabowskaHace un año
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  • Hey! I started my own shortly after finding your videos. I've currently not added any fish - because I really love my mystery snails and cherry shrimp that I've got so far! I'm also waiting because there is definitely going to be a population explosion within a month. So far, it has gone fairly swimmingly. My plants are all healthy, nitrates, nitrites and ammonia are at 0 and my pH is constant. I'm so glad I finally have a stable aquarium as I've always wanted - all thanks to you! Thank you very much

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  • I'm starting to make videos about my planted tank and my male betta check it out and give it a like and feel free to comment. eswindow.info/call/cmyJq6lrmXycsKM/v-deo.html

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