3. Wild Baby Oscar Tank - Feeding 8 different Kinds of Foods!

17 abr 2021
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This fish is called wild oscar cichlid, or Astronotus ocellatus wild.
The feeding occurred over the course of THREE days. I would never feed my oscar this much all at once.
This wild oscar most likely came from a commercial breeder. Oscars aren’t endangered species, and some are probably caught from the wild. However, most oscars are easily bred in a tank.
The new albino pleco was a risky move b/c the oscar was already in the tank and had established his territory. Usually when adding a pleco with an oscar, you should add the pleco first or maybe both at the same time.
Sure enough, the oscar attacked the albino pleco for around 3 days. The pleco’s fins were torn and the oscar attacked him all the time. I almost took out the pleco twice. However, on the fourth day, the oscar finally realized that albino pleco’s aren’t tasty and too tough to eat, so he ignores the pleco now completely.
I bought an albino pleco b/c I always wanted an albino pleco with an oscar. The oscars that I’ve kept a long time ago ate the albino pleco that I had bought b/c the pleco was too small. I made sure this pleco was much bigger than the oscar.
The gold nugget pleco is still doing fine, but still never leaves the driftwood. I know they are nocturnal, but even at night when the lights are all off, he still never leaves the driftwood. He eats the driftwood all the time, so I don’t think he’s gonna die anytime soon, but I’m worried about him. I tried feeding around 6 different kind of foods. I tried 4 different kinds of veggies at different times, all boiled, and stuck it right next to him. Still nothing.
The albino pleco and the gold nugget pleco completely ignore each other. They don’t care about each other at all. The albino pleco cleans the algae really well as I had hoped. The glass and rocks are pretty clean now, all the time.

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Pollock, untitled was printed out from a web picture.

Shot with LG V50 and edited with premiere pro.

'Pathétique' Piano Sonata No. 8 in C Minor, Op. 13 - II. Adagio cantabile

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    • @LEARNINGS And experience Plecos eat algae. That's their primary reason they are in aquariums.

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