All My Tanks Update and Internal Sump Diagram

8 mar 2021
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The baby oscar developed the little circle spot near the tail fin. This is the usual oscar eye spot that is meant to confuse predators. It’s meant to sort of look like an eye in the tail. I suppose if a predator attacks the back fin thinking that’s the head, the oscar might have a chance to escape. I’m curious if the spot will turn red color in the future, like most other oscars.
The gold nugget pleco still hasn’t ventured away from the driftwood. I think I’ll get another pleco to clean the algae off the rocks and the glass.

The two umbrella cichlids are frozen b/c of the camera.
It turns out, the female is actually a male in disguise.
These umbrella cichlids, when there is a smaller male within the vicinity of a bigger male, the smaller male changes his color to look like a female to avoid the inevitable attack.
I’m not sure what I’m going to do here. Maybe get more dither fish. If any of you know if adding dither fish would work with these two males, please lemme know.
This is the current state of Loomster’s tank. He is also frozen b/c of the camera. Loomster was born in this tank as some of you might know, and he is 2 years old now. He was born in March of 2019. He first appeared in the 16th month update video.
The nerite snail has become part of this tank. The nerite was the oldest surviving member on this channel.
I think I’ll make an update of this tank next.
Kartoffel has lived in this tank for 2 years and 3 months. Recently he has gone through finrot a few times. It fully recovered, and then I moved. The finrot comes and goes these days. I’m too afraid to use medicine b/c something might go wrong. He’s doing ok for the time being. I’m thinking I might make him a more stable tank.
The volcano betta has eaten several tetras and countless shrimp. I didn’t know he was eating the tetras. I thought a few got lost underneath the volcano. Then one day, I saw the evidence. Way too many shrimp have climbed the volcano and then ended up on the lid. The monte carlo is doing ok, overall. There is some melting here and there. The java moss spread like wild fire in this tank. I’ve decided I’m gonna make him his own tank. A 5 gallon, or 20 liter tank. I already have decided on the design. I just gotta make it. The volacano tank is going to be shrimp and tetra only tank. I think I’ll also remove the lid after I remove the betta.

Sump diagram:

This is a very simple sump, except for the double overflow.
I designed this sump and had a guy in my local acrylic shop put it together. I’m pretty sure I could’ve done it myself, but I was also pretty sure I would’ve messed up at least once trying to glue the double overflow part.
The entire sump’s measurements were depended on the pump’s width and the height of the heater.

My initial plan was to wrap the entire back wall and the sump with a background, but the background arrived very late. I suppose if I were to do it again, I probably would’ve used black acrylic or maybe black foemax sheets. However, black acrylic sometimes can be reflective depending on the setup. There are fish that do not do well with reflective black acrylic, such as flowerhorns or bettas.

Basically, this internal sump was made to function just like a real sump with a double overflow. The advantage of this internal sump is that there actually is an overflow that skims the surface of the water so the surface is always very clean. The double layered overflow also sucks the water from the bottom of the tank. Another advantage is that b/c this is a real sump, the water level in the display part of the tank never changes. When there’s an evaporation, only the last chamber of the sump’s water level drops, not the main display part of the tank. That can also be the downside of this kind of setup, but b/c this tank has a lid, the evaporation is minimal. I haven’t had to add any water for over 2 weeks in this tank. So if you’re gonna try something like this, a lid is a must, or an automatic top off in the last chamber where the pump is, if you don’t want to have a lid.

Erik Satie
Gymnopedie no.1 played by Kevin Macleod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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