How to Catch Cat Urine for a Vet Visit (The Simplest Method I Know)

18 abr 2021
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Full disclosure, I’ve been collecting our cat Curry’s urine for the last 12 months or so, and I had a lot of practice at it. That’s why this looks easy to do. In the beginning, it wasn’t easy. I’ve tried many different methods, and this the easiest way I came up with. This is the method with the least amount of contamination.
The most important part is timing. Usually, she has to start urinating before you can grab her tail, otherwise she’ll run away. In the video, I was lucky with the timing. She was just about to go and couldn’t stop, so she didn’t care that I grabbed her tail.
You can tell that when she’s urinating, her rear is very low to the ground. When she’s doing the #2, she’s sitting higher up. I don’t know if that’s b/c she’s a girl cat. I don’t know how boy cats do it.
The last part of the video is some of her urine test results. She as a renal failure. Her kidney has around 80% damage according to our vet. Our vet said, her living this long is around 1 in 100 chance. She was first diagnosed early of last year.
I give her 140cc of water each day with a syringe b/c she weighs 2.47 kg or 5.45 lb. This is her usual weight. She could use more water, but this is the best I can do. I give her 35cc each time, 4 times a day, along with her usual cocktail of medicines all crushed and mixed with water. All her foods are prescription foods and mostly wet foods.
These days, our doctor said if things continue the way they are, maybe there is a chance that her kidney function could return to 50%. That would be the best case scenario.
I wanted to share this video b/c I know how stressful and difficult collecting cat urine can be. I hope this video helps those in a similar situation.

  • Curry ❤❤

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  • Can you ask your vet about doing sub q fluids with her? I’m in the veterinary field, and we have all of our renal patients owners do this.

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  • this was uploaded on my birthday

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  • Hope for the best for Curry.

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  • WTH? Why the syringe? This is disturbing. Leave your cat alone. They like privacy, don't you?

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  • I don’t even have a cat

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  • Why did people dislike this video? It’s literally him getting cat urine for the vet

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  • Meanwhile, cat is like: “Human, leave me be while I.... wha.. what are you ...? Uh whatever enjoy”

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  • I can’t even imagine what my cat would do to me if I tried this.

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  • Can you give me your email I have a few questions on the internal sump please?

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  • When I lift my cat's tail on thit moment he will kill me

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  • *subbing for fish content* Him - "you want to see my cat pee?"

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  • Very clever! Thank you!

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  • Also like the curry's story...more about her, how you take care every day, tips and tricks! Hope she well soon! Maybe this is an acute renal failure and if she gets through it, she will be recovered!

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  • Is everything ok with your cat?

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  • I think raw feeding could be an alternative. Coz kibbles alone for longterm often cause kidney injury

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  • Foo I really want to thank you, you inspired me to do a no filter no c02 and no fert tank over two years ago, and I did. It helped me so much mentally and routine wise. I learned tons about aquatic plants and life through you and my own research inspired from your videos, I just did my routine maintenance and need to come and thank you again. Much love from your community

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  • I wish curry and yourself the best

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  • I don't even have a cat and then here I am

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  • *lifts lid...sees cat peeing...slowly lowers lid in defeat* xD

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  • This is very useful, thanks for sharing and I hope she can get better, you are taking such good care of her!

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  • Bless you and dear sweet Curry :)

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  • Why tf was this in my recommendations...?

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  • Check out golden paste. It's turmeric, coconut oil (can use olive or other oils) and black pepper. If you are on facebook check out turmeric user group. Or google turmeric life, Doug English. With the FB group you can check with drug interactions. It's cheap and easy to make. Some people have had improvements on their pet's kidney disease and actually went from stage 2 to stage 1. It could just slow the progress down. It's also good for arthritis, tumors, mild anticoagulant etc. Best wishes for the both of you. Big hugs.

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  • I hope Curry gets better soon!

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  • You have so much patience and wisdom. What I thought was an unusually sweet-tempered cat, until reading your details, is all you! Edited: reassigned admiration! 😸

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  • Some vets will also get liquid-repelling litter that you can put into an empty litter box and when your cat does it's business, you can filter out the wate from the litter easily. Maybe ask your vet for that next time if this turns out to be too much hassle for some owners (many cats don't like being touched near the behind or tail)

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  • You take such a good care of your cat and yours aquariums and fish and shrimp, it's astounding the amount of empathy we see on here maybe thats why se feel so good after watching your content. i'm happy

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  • sorry to hear about kitty’s condition... i hope she recovers well! best of luck.

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  • This is amazing. Thank you. That's one pretty lady!

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  • Best of luck to your curry

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  • Your beautiful cat and your nice carpeted floor needs a better litter box! And a litter box mat! I really recommend the Litter-Robot with a Gorilla Grip litter box mat!

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  • Good idea! If your cat isn't having it, you can also put a plastic bag on the bottom (no litter)

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  • I'm sorry that Curry has these health issues. Poor thing, I'm zapping her with positive energy.

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  • Thank you for uploading this. Lots of pets and treats (if she can have them) to her for being the Best girl and not taking your hand off while doing this.

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  • I'd probably end up in A&E if I tried this with our moggy !

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  • Я думал он в аквариум мочи добавит

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  • My heart goes out to you. It's so difficult when our pets are battling medical issues. You clearly are dedicated to Curry and her well being. She looks good, I would never think she was ill.

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  • Too many people feed their cats dry food, which is so difficult to digest. Canned food, freeze dried, or raw, are the best diets for cats (and dogs too). You are taking such excellent care of Curry. I hope for a happy healthy long life for her.

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  • Interesting

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  • Thank you for sharing this! Both my furbabies have kidney problems. One was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure in oct 2013 and the other one just about a month ago. Next month we will go back for some blood tests and i was recommended to also bring a urine sample. The timing for this vid could not have been better! My vet recommended a clean litterbox with popcorn kernels but that wasn't very successful last time. Hope Curry gets better soon ♡

    Allim RetsomAllim RetsomHace 26 días
  • Curry is one of the sweetest little cats. My cats would probably be like GTFO NO! if I tried that. I like the idea from another commenter about using a ladle. Wishing you both a long and happy life!

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  • Just curious... do you have dogs too? :D

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  • Is it the same method if its not for the vets? How many methods do you know exactly?

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  • Wishing you the best. Love you Curry ❤️

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  • i love these little curry updates. glad to see she's still kicking, really hope she gets better soon! thank you for being such a great pet owner and for sharing these tutorials :)

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  • Thank you for the info! I've never had to do this for my cat, but this is helpful. I hope she continues to do well. Thank you for caring for her so much! ❤ She is adorable. 💕

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  • I work at an animal hospital and we have methods of collecting urine samples right there.. I’m assuming yours specifically asked you do this bc of the kidney damage, or frequency of collection? Just asking, either way pretty smart

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  • I hope she gets better but I would have a very angry cat.

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  • Sending love and well wishes to your kitty.

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  • My cat doesn’t even like me anywhere near her when she pee’s. I found hydrophobic sand specifically for collecting cat urine and it was as easy as it gets IMO. Hope you’re kitty is ok.

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  • I’ve found that a ladle works or a big spoon works really well also

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  • Thought this was a 2007 video that randomly popped up on my home page

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  • So sorry to hear about the diagnosis with Curry. I hope she’s able to recover to a better condition and you have many more wonderful days together. Never easy when our furry friends are going through health issues especially chronic. I empathize with you. You’re doing the best you can for Curry. She has a wonderful caretaker and friend! Thanks for sharing this to help other pet owners.

    timarigirl32timarigirl32Hace 28 días
  • Is she also diabetic? We were told our dog had kidney disease, until she went blind then had an accident in our kitchen and I found out her urine was sticky. That's when I realized she was diabetic, which causes kidney damage. Insulin made her a much happier dog. Hope Curry continues to improve. Cats are tough. 😺💪

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  • Which is your first flowerhorn breed?

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  • Which is your first flowerhorn breed?

    Rahul SoniRahul SoniHace 28 días
  • Thank you for sharing this video. Sending virtual head rubs to Queen Curry

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  • I also catch my small dog’s urine but with the lid of a urine container. I just put it below when she pees and transfer it to the container . Very simple and clean.

    Orit BCOrit BCHace 28 días
  • I have a diabetic cat and I'm very used to take urine samples for obvious reasons. I just put the sample bottle that I use to carry the urine right under his butt so he just... Pees in the bottle, no need to put tin foil and get all messy. Just put the bottle under his butt when the cat is peeing and voila.

    syralucasyralucaHace 28 días
  • This is super helpful, since I just became an owner of THREE cats. I have only had a cat once before, but I had to give him away after a year of having him unfortunately. Thank you for posting this!

    Myrandah RandallMyrandah RandallHace 28 días
  • Kidney issues are very common in kitties. I have had many over the years, and more than a few ended up succumbing to kidney disease. You are doing an amazing job, and the love you have for your pets is heartwarming. I sincerely hope that with time she improves. Clearly your effort and love have given her the best chance she has.

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  • Any idea if the urine reacts with the foil?

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  • i wonder why cats kidneys are so bad... is it the stuff we feed them or is it because they usually didnt live this long in nature? it seems every elderly cat has kidney failure and that ends up being their demise. glad to see you take such close care of your cat, a lot of people wouldnt have the patience or feel the need to

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  • cat runs if anyone gets within 8 ft of the room the litterbox is in if she's using it

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  • You are such a dedicated and patient person. I hope Curry lives a long and happy life

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  • Thank you. I was wondering about her from seeing your cutie in the last video and wanted an update. Also a very smart tip.

    Veronika LindbergVeronika LindbergHace 28 días
  • I used to have a diabetic kitty and had "The Pee Spoon" to collect his urine. It was a long handled plastic spoon like you would use to stir a pot of soup. I would slip it under him when he went, easy peasy. Little cats like Curry live long lives!

    Tammy BTammy BHace 28 días
  • that's an awesome technique. i wd just have to use something other than foil. my cats are terrified of the sound of it. 😬

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  • I am insanely confused

  • Curry is so patient with you! My cat would have yote himself out of the litter box and resent me forever.

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  • Aww bless her. I really hope she gets better. My friends greyhound was diagnosed with renal failure and the vets had put him on a special vet diet and I don't think he was due to live for too much longer. It cost her a lot of money. Unfortunately my friend passed away and her greyhound was rehomed with a lovely owner who then paid a lot of money on tests for Tim (the greyhound) for his renal failure. The tests came back saying he didn't have anything wrong with him after all. The veterinary surgery that my friend used was very well thought of in the area with a lot of us friends all using that vets for our own animals. It just goes to show though that they don't always get it right. Tim is now living the high life and has been with his new owner for four years. He has two female greyhounds to keep him company too! It may be worth getting a second opinion for Curry as you never know.

    Sugar PuffSugar PuffHace 28 días
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  • Wishing Curry a full and speedy recovery x

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  • Still watch your videos all the way through just to show my support. Thank you for sharing the difficult parts of your life with us, I hope the best for you and Curry. much love

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