#3 Volcano Filter Betta Tank (Dante Eats Too Many Shrimps) YES filter, NO CO2, NO Ferts 7.6 Gallon

22 mar 2020
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Dante is a plakat betta. One day, all of the cherry shrimp were gone from the tank all at once. I couldn’t believe that he would eat nearly 10 shrimp in one day. Turns out, he did eat some, but others were hiding under the volcano filter. He did go after the “clear” or wild shrimp later, but he left the Amano shrimp alone, except the biggest female Amano.
I’m not sure how many shrimp are living underneath the volcano, but they seem to be breeding under there. The shrimp that jumped out were all young or baby shrimp. I think the most shrimp only come out at night when Dante is sleeping b/c during the day, I hardly see any. Only shrimp that are moving about are a few Amano shrimp.
There weren’t any openings at the bottom of the volcano in the beginning. I think the Amanos dug up the gravel, or maybe after I moved, I didn’t seal it well enough during the setup. Now, after cleaning the pump, I intentionally left lots of openings here and there for the shrimp, but not big enough for Dante to squeeze through.

Also, one tetra is MIA.
The shrimp, most likely the Amanos, ate all of the floating plants - the Ricciocarpos natans. They ate the roots first, then later ate the dying leaves. Interestingly, nobody touched the regular duckweed and the giant duckweed.

Hydra is pest. They can sting fish or other critters. I was going to use hydrogen peroxide on it, but they disappeared after a while on their own.

The nerite eggs won't hatch in this tank. They need to be in brackish water to hatch.

#2 video: eswindow.info/call/nJ13hquEymadmYk/v-deo.html
Setup video of this tank: eswindow.info/call/dq-Ha3-ZvKuX3XA/v-deo.html

How I made the floating rings: eswindow.info/call/dq-Ha3-ZvKuX3XA/v-deo.html

Favorite Dante food:
Hikari Betta Bio-Gold amzn.to/2ByRG3h
Food for eveyone:
Tetramin Flakes: amzn.to/2Gouypo
Making Brine Shrimp: eswindow.info/call/oqmJb4Kr2ZNfrIk/v-deo.html
(*The most important part is the salinity and temperature. At room temperature, it might take 48 hours to hatch. At Higher the temps, they might hatch in less than 24 hours.)
(*For salinity, I’m going by the 1 table spoon per liter rule. However, depending on the salt, you might want to try up to 2 table spoons.)
Brine shrimp eggs: amzn.to/2L0Y4rG
100% deep sea salt amzn.to/2YVeiFd
(I use deep sea salt, but I think other salts will work, too. Something like aquarium salt.)
Brine shrimp net: amzn.to/30Gkrqg
60ml syringe: amzn.to/2W9iWm5
Neodymium Magnet: amzn.to/2QkFABu

Cherry shrimp amzn.to/2FsObxB
Amano shrimp: amzn.to/2U9pw9c

The plants in this tank now:
Micro sword amzn.to/301YQHl - Still hanging on.
Pygmy chain sword amzn.to/2HWhfyS - It stayed very short and small and sent out lots of runners.
Glosso amzn.to/2LFAVbn - They have sent out lots runners. It’s staying very small and low to the ground.
Java moss amzn.to/2N4uQsr - The ones on the rock are doing well. The ones below the water surface are also doing well
Staurogyne repens amzn.to/39SlurG - It’s doing pretty well. It is a slow grower it seems.
Giant Duckweed amzn.to/2xV2iuR - It grows very fast in this tank.

Merch: teespring.com/stores/foo-store

This is a Walstad Method tank. Check out her book in the link below if interested. The book I read to make this aquarium:
Ecology of the Planted Aquarium by Diana Walstad(Hard cover) amzn.to/2tB4xiZ
Ecology of the Planted Aquarium by Diana Walstad(digital) amzn.to/2svT0Sy

This video was shot with: Camera: LG V10 amzn.to/2JrwD4C
Edited with Vegas Pro 15 amzn.to/2WBAZjQ

Erik Satie
Gymnopedie 2 created by kazantsev
Gymnopedie 3 played by jercarrier
Gymnopedie 2 played by gmoukou
Mendelssohn - Songs without Words Op. 19 No. 1 played by neemiasteixeira

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