The Best Way to Pill a Difficult CAT (My Method) Curry the Cat

5 jul 2020
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This is the best method that I figured out giving a pill to our cat, Curry. I’m not a novice at giving pills to cats, but this cat fought way too much every single time, and bit her tongue 3 times. I have to give her pills 2 times a day for the rest of her life, and this is the only method that works for her. I tried all the usual methods, and none worked, like putting it in her food. She would not eat food that was tainted with crushed pill.
This method also works for capsules.
I wanted to share this method for those who might be having difficulty feeding pills to your cat or dog.
You should ask your vet if the pill is OK to crush feed. Some pills are designed to release slowly over time and shouldn’t be crushed. If that’s the case, ask your vet if you can crush maybe 1/4 at a time and feed it that way.
Long story short, Curry’s kidneys almost failed, and she has 2 kidney stones. Her kidneys are too far gone to operate on it. The move was super hard on her and she got so depressed that she didn’t eat or drink too many times. We tried literally 20 different foods.
After 9 visits to the first vet, and ongoing visits to the second vet, her condition is much better, now. We're hopeful that she might live 3~4 more years.
Recently she gained most of her weight back. Her usual weight is around 2.4 kg (5.3 lb). When she was sick, she only weight around 1.8 kg (4 lb). Now she weights around 2.32 kg (5.1lb).
The second vet said the likeliest reason was from lack of water. Lack of water for cats is the number 1 reason for kidney failure. I also feed her extra water with syringe each day.
I’m sitting next to the cat, not front or behind the cat. That’s on purpose. I’m grabbing her fangs from behind her head. That’s on purpose. I used to grab her gums, but grabbing her gums twice a day multiple times could scratch her gums, so I grab her fangs. Be careful when trying to grab her teeth, though. I have been bitten a few times, but she didn’t break the skin.

  • I've been doing this method for several months. You're looking at the perfect scenario of this method working. The usual method of pill down the throat doesn't have this outcome for this cat. It's chaos. I've tried all other methods like pill wrapped with her favorite treat, crushed pill mixed with her food, crushed pill mixed with her favorite treat, tried to feed with syringe on the side of her mouth - the liquid just drips down her mouth.

    Foo the FlowerhornFoo the FlowerhornHace 10 meses
    • I was wondering what the white powder is that you added in along with the crushed pill. Apologies if I overlooked someone else asking that.

      Caleb DarnellCaleb DarnellHace 15 días
    • Lol that is Not a difficult cat. . Excellent work.

      MikeMikeHace 3 meses
    • @Foo the Flowerhorn oh my, we feel u. We have 2 of the same type of cats. A sealpoint and a bluepoint. Both having identical urinary issues..

      Sven VisserSven VisserHace 4 meses
    • She does AMAZING! I have 7 cats and they are very difficult to medicate.

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    • How is she doing?

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  • It’s always better to put the liquid in to the side of the mouth so that they don’t choke

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  • It's so cute how she let's you wipe her face

    jax1492jax1492Hace 8 días
  • What a sweet kitty

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  • What did you add to the crushed pill before adding the liquid? And was that chicken broth or?? Thanks.

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  • Aiyaiyai... am in love now with how you take care of your friends. Need to practice this. I managed to teach 2 of my cats that a syringe is a good thing by feeding them cat milk with it. Still working on it with the others yycvc x

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  • I hope Curry is doing well! Thanks for the demo.

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  • This aint a difficult cat. I was looking fo actual help with difficult cats but they run away from this kind of situations leaving you with blood all over.

    Laura SuvilaLaura SuvilaHace 19 días
  • Crushed pill mixed with tuna fish or anchovies or some other high value meat like bacon.

    BootsBootsHace 22 días
    • Or full fat yogurt or cottage cheese, etc, etc. Just keep trying different foods, and also they can get wise to you putting stuff in their food. Might be better to half-cook something like fish or bacon, and then use a cheap food processor to shred/grind it up. Only, make it like a special treat later in the day before dinner when they are definately hungry and no where near the time you normally were giving them medicine.

      BootsBootsHace 22 días
  • Best to Curry, and you as well. 🙏💞

    TheFoxandTheRabbitTheFoxandTheRabbitHace 29 días
  • What was that at 0:38? If that was the medicine, then what did you crush initially? Treat?

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  • Your cat breed

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  • That cat loves you! I liked you because of that, human.

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  • 😣😣

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  • Hello. Hope Curry is doing better. What is the white powder you added with the crushed pill?

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  • My cat has also kidney's disease 💔🤧 it breaks my heart

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  • I think it is better to put the liquid through one side of the mouth in order to prevent them from aspirational pneumonia

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  • Oh I'm so sorry to hear this, poor curry, sounds like you have the situation under control tho!!!!

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  • Your cat doesn't look that difficult.

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  • She took that really well. I’m impressed.

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  • I wouldn't label Curry as a "difficult" cat from this video. :) I was going to pass this on to my mum to help with her big male cat, but I don't think she'd get him to stay in a spot like that in the first place.

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  • I thought u r going to make curry of the cat

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  • Where is the difficult cat? That one sat there. My cat will claw me, that is a difficult cat. Rename your video.

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  • My cat will run away n hide by the time waiting for the next shot

    Azra IzzatyAzra IzzatyHace 3 meses
  • Ok but my cat would eat my arm off

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  • Come and do this to my calico and then I'll be impressed and believe that it works.😏

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  • I cant even get my cat to open her mouth no matter what. And she struggles even when i wrap her in towel. This is so frustrating.

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  • This is indeed a very well behaved cat. :) I found that the easiest way to medicate my cat was to follow the steps for making the suspension and then smearing the medication on the front legs. The cat would ''wash'' it off straight away. Does not work for every cat as far as I know.

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  • You're absolutely amazing with all sorts of animal life. The shake at the end killed me! So adorable! Idk what's going on with Curry but I hope she gets better soon! 💫🖤💫

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  • This shows how unhealthy our pets are

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  • I had to pill my cat for tapeworm and wrapping him up in a towel first worked really well. Your option also seems super effective for pills you can crush.

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  • I literally just figured this method out myself with my dog Malt and I'm glad to see this support of my thesis

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  • Feed kitten raw, thats the best nutrition

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  • The cat is sooo cute!

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  • The way he wipes its mouth with the tissue, my heart melted

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  • If I tried that I would end up like a strainer :( My cat is very defensive when it comes to putting something in its mouth.

  • Who tf is disliking this video. Saving the cars life

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  • Thats the style we did when we treated our dog with parvo. He wouldnt take his pills whole so we had to crush it and add fluids in so that he can drink it

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  • Professor Dumbledore you got to keep drinking like you said remember ...this is the last one sir I promise

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  • You use the term "difficult cat" quite freely😅 but it was very neatly done and well explained.

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  • I tried it and my cat attacked me

    Diana JonahDiana JonahHace 6 meses
  • Please be carefull! Not all pills can be crushed! Is it allowed, its written at the package :)!

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  • Curry, cocaine

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  • My experience with cats is they will not or will avoid drinking water if the bowl is in a basement. It has something to do with the water absorbing the basement air. Try moving the in the kitchen.

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  • Siam cat

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  • Thanks for the tips I always get scratches when I'm going to deworm my cats

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  • More kitty vids?

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  • Cat cri Abit Cute tho.

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  • Well, my cat died yesterday...

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  • what a good kitty !!!!!

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  • Curry is so adorable, I hope she is feeling better now 💜

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  • Ye, I did the same way as you, having pets truly a challenge heh

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  • my cat will take the syringe and do it back to me

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  • The little handshake hit me right in the feels

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    • 666th comment

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  • I am saving this for future reference!!! I am happy that my flooffy devil is doing well but its always good to have information like this! Thank you for sharing!

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  • Mix the powder with a bit of tuna

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  • That is not a difficult cat, that is a compliant cat. A difficult cat would claw your eyeballs out and dig its nails into your scrotum before it would let you come anywhere near it with a pill.

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  • You call THAT a difficult cat? You don't want to meet my three savages then

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  • The instant you touch my cat's mouth she flips out. I don't even have to have a pill, she freaks out so hard. She will immediately use her front paws to attack you and twists her entire body all the over the place. Your cat is way more tame than mine, I don't think this would work. :(

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  • I don't think I could do this with my cats , they are very large and powerful.

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  • I hope your cat gets well :)

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  • We tried this with our difficult cat but he bit the syringe and it shattered into pointy pieces so we stopped trying it that way. We kind of have a system now but it took a long time to figure it out. Cats are so stubborn sometimes. Glad he has you to take care of him. He's a lucky guy, or girl.

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  • Awee....she's so well behaved, with this method. Bless her; wishing her all the best. xo

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  • aww he know's you're trying to help but hates the taste, you got this curry!!!

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  • This guy has such a good temper, my cat would just run away if I do this to him, but my mom’s been doing the same to our dog 😄

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  • My cat just had heart surgery, he needs to take pills twice a day. I have to block him with my whole body to do this... now he sees me he runs 😔

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  • There is another way: How to give a cat a pill. 1. Pick up the cat and cradle it in the crook of your left arm as if holding a baby. Position right forefinger and thumb on either side of cat's mouth and gently apply pressure to cheeks while holding pill in right hand. As cat opens mouth pop pill into mouth. Allow cat to close mouth and swallow. 2. Retrieve pill from floor and cat from behind sofa. Cradle cat in left Arm and repeat process. 3. Take new pill from foil wrap, cradle cat in left arm, holding rear paws tightly with left hand. Force jaws open and push pill to back of mouth with right forefinger. Hold mouth shut for a count of ten. 4. Kneel on floor with cat wedged firmly between knees, hold front and rear paws, ignore growls emitted by cat. Get spouse to hold cat's head firmly with one hand while forcing wooden ruler into mouth. Drop pill down ruler and rub cat's throat vigorously. 5. Retrieve cat from curtain rail, get another pill from foil wrap. Make note to buy new ruler and repair curtains. Carefully sweep shattered figurines and vases from hearth and set to one side for gluing later. 6. Wrap cat in a large towel and get spouse to lie on cat with cat's head just visible from below armpit. Put pill in end of a drinking straw, force cat's mouth open with pencil and blow down straw. 7. Check label to make sure pill is not harmful to humans, drink a beer to take away the taste. Apply Band-Aid to spouse's forearm and remove blood from the carpet with soap and water. 8. Tie the little angel's front paws to rear paws with garden twine and bind tightly to leg of the dining table. Find heavy pruning gloves from shed. Push pill into mouth followed by large piece of fillet steak. Be rough about it. Hold head vertical and pour 2 pints of water down cat's throat to wash down pill. 9. Consume remainder of scotch. Get spouse to drive you to the A&E, sit quietly while doctor stitches fingers and forearm and removes pill from your eye. Call furniture shop on way home to order a new table. 10. Arrange for RSPCA to collect the mutant cat from hell and ring local pet shop to see whether they have any hamsters.

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  • The face wiping is amazing.

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  • And then you have my cat who will happily eat any antibiotics given to him. I think he is broken.

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  • 🥺🥺💛💛 such a good cat dad!

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  • Such a crush on mysterious Foo and his gentle way with the animals. Also his tank making and landscaping skills are so relaxing and beautiful. We also have twin cats it seems! Although my siamese boy is very aggressive!

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  • My cat would bite the hell out of me and chase me if I did that to him.

    Toby and FriendsToby and FriendsHace 8 meses
  • How did I never think of this? My 13 year old cat is the absolute worst with pills. She fights the entire time and somehow hides them in her mouth and always manages to spit them out. This would fix that! Thanks!

    56KSC56KSCHace 8 meses
  • I worry about aspiration doing this.

    SaranghaeBTSDailySaranghaeBTSDailyHace 8 meses
  • Hope Curry continues to improve! Thanks for the informative video!

    Trey TrampelTrey TrampelHace 8 meses
  • Why does Curry look thin? Is he sick 🙁

    Ahmad FikriAhmad FikriHace 8 meses
  • This method will not be a success for my cats because liquid pills are much more bitter than the whole pills itself. Once they know the bitter taste, next time they will run before they need to take it.

    Blue LilyBlue LilyHace 8 meses
  • The cat act's like child. Love the way you nourish your Curry♥️

    Vikrant PortalVikrant PortalHace 8 meses
  • Excellent job on asking the vet if the pills are extended release. I think you did a excellent job with the methid you use. We do the same thing with humans as well!

    Trey WTrey WHace 8 meses
  • Of course there must be treats :)

    Frank RohrFrank RohrHace 8 meses
  • I love that "pill" is used as a verb in the title.

    GretgorGretgorHace 8 meses
  • That must taste so bad. I imagine it taste like when you just leave a Tylenol pill on your Tongue too long and it dissolves.

    Volcanic Protector ManVolcanic Protector ManHace 8 meses
  • How is the cat doing now?

  • Switching to raw food saved my cats life. The commercial pet foods are terrible.

    DopecobraDopecobraHace 8 meses
  • I had something much better. A pill popper. It's like a syringe but with a little prong at the end of the nozzle, which clasps the pill loosely in front of the nozzle. You coat the pill in a little butter, load it into the clasp and with a little amount of water in the syringe, insert into the cats mouth and squirt. The water shoots the pill with the into the back of the cats mouth and it all goes down. Quick and painless

    N BN BHace 8 meses
  • I put pills inside a hot dog or any food and it works for my dog

    Iris EspañolaIris EspañolaHace 8 meses
  • Sure, that cat is SO difficult its going to just sit there still in the same spot and not run away or scratch and bite you. Bet you could have just fed it the pill and saved a lot of hard work.

    David BrownDavid BrownHace 8 meses
  • Aw, makes sense you have to camoufflage the pill with such a cute tiny mouth. My dog is also cute but she chomps like a t-rex so I just stick the pill in a meat piece and that is it.

  • we gotta wipe its mouth guy treat them cats like a gentlemen/woman

    Ricky IchsanRicky IchsanHace 8 meses
  • Curry is a gorgeous cat

    BlankBlankHace 8 meses
  • That's one of the worst ways to give medicine to animals. Such method is the most common cause of aspiration pneumonia, which can lead to lethal outcome.

    Unsolved MysteryUnsolved MysteryHace 8 meses
  • Look at Curry omg

    Ane RAne RHace 8 meses
  • That is not a difficult cat 😅

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  • You are an advanced Disney princess

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  • What is the cat breed?

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  • Cant you put the pill In with the food if they eat the dry cat food whtevr

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  • Poor that kitten must taste bitternees of medicine

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  • poor bby kitten :( hope he recovers soon!

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  • I love ragdolls

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  • I hope she feels better! I've had to take care of my cat Moe so many times. He doesnt let anyone else even touch him when he doesnt feel good xD I have to drive nearly an hour to take care of him when something happens.

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