28th Month - (Boiled Eggplant Feeding Frenzy) NO filter, NO CO2, NO Ferts 5 Gallon Nano Tank

24 abr 2020
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This is actually 27th and 28th month update. During the 27th, I just basically did regular maintenance. This has been the longest pause for this channel. I thought being inside for a long period of time would give me more time to shoot videos, but it actually had the opposite effect. I even started to replay one of my old favorites, the Mass Effect series. Not good. Great games, though. And it started to talk about the genophage, and I stopped playing. NHL anyone? 
And life, also happened…I’ll probably update you guys in the future.
Ahem, anyway, Loomster is doing great. The shrimp are breeding. I actually saw Loomster suck in baby shrimp here and there, but I never got to film it. It usually happens super-fast. The mutt, the pinkish shrimp, is a bit of a mystery. I don’t know which combination of shrimp created that color baby.
I boiled the eggplant for around 15 minutes. It was very soft at that point. I’ve never seen the shrimp eat that fast. I think this was the fastest feeding of anything I put this tank. They really liked it.
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This is a Walstad Method tank. The credit goes to Diana Walstad for publishing the organic soil substrate method.
Check out her book in the link below if interested.
Ecology of the Planted Aquarium by Diana Walstad(Hard cover) amzn.to/2tB4xiZ
Ecology of the Planted Aquarium by Diana Walstad(digital) amzn.to/2svT0Sy
4.6 gallon low iron rimless tank amzn.to/2yKTWST
5.4 gallon low iron rimless tank amzn.to/2y5YZeO
50W heater amzn.to/2tAQOsy
Heater cover so plants won't get burned amzn.to/2sw42ap
Tiny thermometer amzn.to/2tAwFmg
Magnetic thermometer amzn.to/2LRCrXd
(I'm using the tiny thermometer with a small rubber band to hold it in its place.)
Mini round shape magnet scrubber amzn.to/2zx6k8D
Miracle gro organic choice potting mix amzn.to/2tyHm9g
2~3mm gravel 20lb bag amzn.to/2gJ5tOl
2~3mm gravel 5lb bag amzn.to/2y3e3ih
Aquarium scissors amzn.to/2BXY1GW
Aquarium Tweezers amzn.to/2EWyAZe
TetraMin Flakes (gourami and shrimp food) amzn.to/2Gouypo

Camera: LG v10 (manual mode) stock app amzn.to/2JrwD4C
Clip 3 in 1 lens photo kit. I used the macro lens for close up shots. amzn.to/2HPggiF
Vegas Pro 15 amzn.to/2Hwu5C5

Amano Shrimp amzn.to/2PdYOY6
Blue velvet Shrimp amzn.to/2Oaw7yT
Cherry Shrimp amzn.to/2yfoU64
Chocolate Shrimp amzn.to/2P83jDv
Yellow Shrimp amzn.to/2OA2Ehr
CRS amzn.to/2IIOntq
Sunkist Shrimp amzn.to/2PcLQtS
Ghost Shrimp amzn.to/2ydKms1
Nerite snails amzn.to/2IF9sF8

The Best Growing Plants in this tank:
1. Ceratophyllum demersum (hornwort) amzn.to/2srT6HY
2. Duckweed amzn.to/2sl3G4p
3. Hemianthus glomeratus (pearl grass) amzn.to/2LIIPA5
4. Najas Guadalupensis (guppy grass) amzn.to/2LLN8L8
5. Bacopa caroliniana amzn.to/2LIPFpj
6. Dwarf hairgrass amzn.to/2sjG2W1

Erik Satie
Gymnopedie No.1 and 2 Played by neemiasteixeira

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