Ep. 1 Igloo Aquarium Beginning & Quick Update of All My TANKS

6 ago 2020
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I made a short update of all the tanks b/c I’m in the process of dealing with several decisions with the tanks. If I make a video now, it would end in a cliff hanger, so I just did a quick update video instead.
Duckweed Comb amzn.to/2ES1z0Z
Loctite 401 (best aquarium safe super glue, imo) amzn.to/2XCh1F0
AquaMend epoxy amzn.to/2DCXmxG
Loctite Clear Silicone amzn.to/2DujFWx
API stress coat amzn.to/2Xzlngh
I’m starting a new igloo tank. I’m stuck on the design of the tank at the moment, so I’m not sure when I’ll finish it. I’m thinking maybe in a month or so. It was my first time gluing pebbles together and it was very difficult and time consuming. Also figuring out what to use to glue together the pebbles took a very long time to research.
Many people asked me about the duckweed comb, so I put it in the video.
I did a 90% water change on Kartoffel tank b/c he has a little bit of fin rot. I’m trying the clean water method first with API stress coat as the water conditioner. If he doesn’t get better, I’m gonna try medicine or hydrogen peroxide directly on his fins. I haven’t decided yet. He is eating normally and behaving normally. I think he got fin rot b/c the lettuce was a fail. The peppermint grew a lot. It smells very pleasant when you touch the plant. There’s a pest snail population problem in Kartoffel’s tank, too.
When doing a very big water change, I always use 3 day old water that is temperature matched.
Volcano tank is being taken over by the breeding wild shrimp and the pest snails. The snail population has exploded. I tried snail trap, but I also saw way too many tiny baby snails everywhere. I’ll be trying something else soon. The female Amano continues to release her larvae. I’m pretty sure the tetras are eating them all.
Curry is doing better. She has gained all of her weight back. She sleeps around 17~18 hours a day. When she was sick, she hardly slept throughout the day. But she has a tougher time when it rains outside.
I think I’m gonna stay here in the new place for another year or so. I’ll probably be getting another tank for either another flowerhorn or an oscar soon.
Erik Satie:
Gymnopedie no 1 played by jercarrier on xylophone.

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  • @Foo Would you be interested in joining us for a podcast as a guest? www.aquariumguyspodcast.com/ Please let me know, email me at aquariumguyspodcast@gmail.com . Love to have you on!

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