TV#1 A Call Out Video - Inspiration or Plagiarism?

8 mar 2021
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TV(Talking Video) #1

I contemplated for quite a while before deciding on making this video.
Please don't get upset. This is not an earth shattering issue. However, it is something that needed this video.
I would like to add that as long as he leaves the titles the way they are, any future videos I upload on the series, his old videos could still get recommended to people. So when people see any of my old videos and any future videos I make on the topic, his old videos could get recommended. Basically his channel gets a free ride on the back of my channel, forever. This is one of the worst kind of dick move I’ve ever seen on this entire website.
The last thing I would like to add is that he now has more subs than the long time fishtuber who help boost his channel. I wonder if the long-time fishtuber is happy about that. All b/c he didn’t like my channel for some reason. Again, allegedly.
All in all, this whole thing really doesn’t bother me as much as the false copyright claims. Not even close. I actually have 99 other problems that need more attention than this issue. However, I feel as though this issue needed to be addressed, so that I can move on. I knew from day one that doing youtube videos could lead me to toxic situations. However, I never knew someone would piggyback on my channel for an entire year, and then some. I also didn’t know that sometimes, making a callout video is actually a requirement, not an option here on youtube, especially when someone directly affects your channel negatively or take advantage of you for a prolonged period of time. Or, maybe I gotta finally start using twitter.
Stock footage provided by Mark Schellenberg, Videvo, USFWS, and divemaster downloaded from
Aquarium Co-Op

  • Please do not name names. That’s why I hid the names. This is not a double talk: This is not a cancel video. Please be civil. The take away is that if I don’t respond, this kind of thing will continue, and a few people who are on the fence about it might actually do it, too. And then this kind of practice would spread. If someone else did it to their channel, would they like it?

    Foo the FlowerhornFoo the FlowerhornHace 2 meses
    • You’re free to speak your mind and your videos are great, foo, but I wouldn’t worry about people making videos similar to yours. They’ll get some of your viewers and you’ll also get some of theirs as well. I think all of you will grow together. That said, I also think the content of the other channel in question is inferior to yours so I can understand you being annoyed but if anything you'll probably steal eyeballs from his viewers each time you drop a monthly update video.

      MtD021MtD021Hace 14 días
    • Come on, the only reason you hid the name is because it's so obvious your claims are all bs when you know who it is.

      SweenersSweenersHace 29 días
    • @From Space Listen to yourself , feel better now? 😂✊🏼💦 Ps: I'll even take the time to edit this comment and give yours a 👍🏼 to share some of the attention you seem to be in search of. And bearing in mind however much you paid for your Doctorate in Psychoanalysis, you may want to consider asking for a refund.

      crownethornecrownethorneHace un mes
    • @crownethorne Kinda just comes off like you wanted to be "brutally honest" to someone on the Internet to take out your pent up frustration. Can't take anything you say seriously - scrape off like 75% of your attitude and I guarantee you people would be more receptive to your ramblings.

      From SpaceFrom SpaceHace un mes
    • Hey Foo thanks for alot of great videos, sad to hear someone stole your titles and monetizing it, i hope they will back off by now. But on a more positive sidenote i can see alot of "Foo" style videos inspired by your style, i.e a saltwater dude, i think alot of new fish tubers totally look up to you and your style and want to create something similiar but ofcourse they are all unique. I hope you the best and thanks for all of your videos, me and a friend actually look forward to your videos coming out and watch them together online.

      Imbe DkImbe DkHace un mes
  • I never heard you talk on your videos, all sweet instrumental music. Whoa! This is surprising. Keep on going man! Be inspirational, watching your tank makes me feel relaxed at work. All the best!

    Ayumi HikaruAyumi HikaruHace 3 días
  • Wait who’s the person copying him?

    RoxyRoxyHace 5 días
    • cough

      NathanQuoinNathanQuoinHace 4 días
  • I don’t see it honestly. I know who you are talking about and when I look at his videos I don’t really see similarities other than the no/ low tech tank theme.

    Lee StrikerLee StrikerHace 9 días
  • The other guys videos and work are chaotic. Not better at all

    Nicolina DanielleNicolina DanielleHace 9 días
  • So many people lacking ethics 🦭

    😼🧀😼🧀Hace 9 días
  • Wow man that's awful, you worked so hard for your videos I totally agree with you on this one, you got your reputation from making amazing videos and uploading them. For someone to piggy back off your success is a sign of weakness and lack of character period. Your a genius, and a modest one at that, your not some hobbyist, I can tell by your passion, modesty and the way you've inspired me you are a humble man and my friend that is so rare; here's to you!

    SzebelledySzebelledyHace 12 días
  • Only time till someone copies videos of curry the cat

    jax1492jax1492Hace 13 días
  • Good talk I am a fan for this channel for a very long time thanks for amazing videos ✌🏻

    Youtube LoverYoutube LoverHace 13 días
  • Intentions matter, copying the names in that way for an extended time period is a type of theft. It may not be illegal, but it is an intentional method used to confuse or redirect your viewers to another set of videos.

    D KD KHace 13 días
  • I love the fact that someone would want to be a fishtuber honestly. the more you said it the more you made me laugh, your content is really amazing and is honestly kinda inspiring 🐠

    Antonio BrescianiAntonio BrescianiHace 14 días
  • It is nuts how many people flat out have copied you over the years. Its not just this guy. In my Walstad Facebook groups every video people make and post are carbon copies of your video format.

    AwesomelyWitchyAwesomelyWitchyHace 16 días
  • i never thought i would hear this mans voice ever

    miss manmiss manHace 19 días
  • I'm glad you said something. Hopefully other channels listen. Very unfortunate situation ☹

    Miralee01Miralee01Hace 20 días
  • Why i dont egree with plagiarism. There is some 7.4+BILLION people on the planet. Folks ideas WILL always overlap or end up "copied". However, credit where credit is due. If you use someone else's footage, they should atleast be put into the video information.

    Graeme PennellGraeme PennellHace 20 días
  • that ending though. Burn.......

    MasterAquaticsMasterAquaticsHace 21 un día
  • Welcome to capitalism and the free market. Don’t like, make a better product. Can’t copyright an art form or video style.

    Dreamy_Dreamy_Hace 22 días
  • You watch one randomly suggested fish video and end up in fishtube drama

    Johnathon AbbottJohnathon AbbottHace 23 días
  • MD is awesome!

    Angela HeppAngela HeppHace 23 días
  • I reported md for impersonating since there was no option to report for plagiarism you have to enter this ( ) when it asks who is being impersonated if ppl want to do the same

    SilverSkyCloudSilverSkyCloudHace 24 días
  • They should have stopped when you said you weren’t cool with it. I’ve unsubscribed from said person, not cool with plagiarism.

    Christine ChoChristine ChoHace 24 días
  • You know what they say - beware the fury of a patient man.

    EalsanteEalsanteHace 27 días
    • Yes

      Nicolina DanielleNicolina DanielleHace 9 días
  • Fishtuber drama?! Wow people are that sad that they just copy people's shit that blankly! I respect people who do what they love and getting inspired by someone else is great but outright ripping someone off just to get attention and clout is sad.

    Honey BBHoney BBHace 28 días
  • It's weird actually hearing your voice haha, sucks that people do this man, nobody can replicate your style properly anyway.

    Joe ClooneyJoe ClooneyHace 28 días
  • Foo you're awesome! Boo to the copycats.

    Annie NAnnie NHace 29 días
  • This is disgusting straight up plagiarism. So sad that people feel the need to piggyback. You work hard for what you do and others should do the same. Too many people do this and think they need to do the same thing as everyone else in order to get noticed. There’s too many nasty cheating people. I’m glad you didn’t just sit around like it’s ok and for them to continue doing it unnoticed. I’m sorry you or anyone who has to deal with this. Keep up the great content! Your hard work is definitely appreciated:)

    Pamela EPamela EHace 29 días
  • Monkey on the goat part was funny 😂

    Eugene KongEugene KongHace un mes
  • Not a fish tank person but found your channel one day and fell in love with the style, your ideas and how relaxing it was. And mainly how much you love your fish. You have a right to be aggravated. You’re the only one I watch and will probably ever watch. And that clip at the end was so clever to close with. 💜

    Miss MicheleeexoMiss MicheleeexoHace un mes
  • So what you're getting at is that I, an aquarist ESwindowr can make whatever tank I want, I have free license on ideas as long as I don't copy your work for the sake of views. For example I could make a video building a volcano tank using lava rock, but the tank that is built from it has to be visually different, add a new feature, or otherwise have my own creative touch to it. You the creator of the tanks and of the series do not take ownership of the IDEA of making a filterless Nano tank and using it to make content. You do not want someone taking your work and copying it to gain clout.

    Ugly IvanUgly IvanHace un mes
  • :/ that's not right...copying other people's stuff for your own gain is just scummy. Its unoriginal and the consequences of being found out is just not worth it. Im sorry you're going through that stuff, you'll always be the number 1 Fishtuber in my sub list!!

    Arizona succulentArizona succulentHace un mes
  • This seems like a reasonable thing to be upset about. I haven't seen these videos, mind, but yes I can understand being unhappy about that. Not justified but I could see why someone would piggy back for the first 1K subs to get monetized and then back off and developing their own bit. Just because feeding the YT trend algorithm is often the only way to be noticed - it's a harsh system and I can understand without condoning people gaming it that way. But at 16K followers you should have your own clearly defined style. I *do* wanna point out though... There was a bubble volcano aquarium fish feature that was prominent in Finding Nemo - an internationally successful animated movie about fish. >_> Honestly, that's such a generic concept I'd hesitate to even insinuate any claim to anything even remotely related. Your channel is something I'm drawing inspo from for a betta tank of my own right now... In fact I have sweet potatoes started as a budget plant for bringing life to my tank! I wish you nothing but success and hope to watch more soon.

    Homesteading HedgewitcheryHomesteading HedgewitcheryHace un mes
  • so that monke is actually that other fishtuber we are talking about 🙊🙈 the shaaaaade

    RYORYOHace un mes
  • Your channel inspired me to get into the hobby for myself just over a year ago. Your videos are something I can watch, take a deep breath, and relax to. Thank you Foo for your efforts, and sharing your creativity with others.

    tcmcclure2323tcmcclure2323Hace un mes
  • I don’t even have an aquarium, but I watch yours, because your cinematography and Satie soundtrack are relaxing and well made. Plus you don’t talk and you seem to really love your Fish..Copying is the sincerest form of flattery and you are the OG. whoever they are, you have every right to be ticked off about those unoriginal bottom feeders, stealing your ideas.

    Michelle SinnottMichelle SinnottHace un mes
  • 🤣 imo i like MD's content more. Quality of videos, editing, willing to get infront of the camera, and not just doing low tech nano tank. As a fish keeper i feel his passion more for fish keeping rather than plants. More hard working in general. So i see no "piggy backing" honestly. Titles are meh, lots of top 10 etc. Titles going around but nobody makes an issue out of it.

    OG BearOG BearHace un mes
  • And he says he's more talented than you ? Well he doesn't have the brains but he certainly has the audacity. True POS.

    ScarabeecookiesScarabeecookiesHace un mes
  • Umm don’t you record the same fish tank over and over. So your stealing your own content over and over ? This is hilarious 😂 and isn’t this a ego thing ? This is why I could careless about ESwindow. Too funny 😂

    Fish TropicFish TropicHace un mes
    • So why don't you care less instead of come people doesn't under stand how silly 'I could care less' is.

      Justin CogarJustin CogarHace 9 días
  • Who is he talking about?

    kurts Kokkurts KokHace un mes
    • @Roxy I just rewatched the video and you were right, sorry I thought it was this guy

      JAVAL 25JAVAL 25Hace 5 días
    • @JAVAL 25 then who

      RoxyRoxyHace 5 días
    • @Sweeners nope

      JAVAL 25JAVAL 25Hace 26 días
    • MD fish tanks

      SweenersSweenersHace 29 días
  • What a low ass video to make... Get a life dude

    The OutsiderThe OutsiderHace un mes
  • They say identity theft is the most sincere form of flattery.

    Franklin HogeFranklin HogeHace un mes
  • Ur the original, and the only no filter lo tech channel I watch

    Dominique KollarsDominique KollarsHace un mes
  • I love your voice and the way you express your words! we would enjoy having some blogs narrated from times to times too ☺️

    Jazmin AmelieJazmin AmelieHace un mes
  • ily Foo I hope they understand their mistakes in the near future. It sucks to see someone as creative and elegant as you/your channel be plagiarized :(

    Cameron LugoCameron LugoHace un mes
  • I never thought I would want to ride for a fishtuber...but the fact our guy is negatively impacted is upsetting me and my homegirls.

    R0se g0lden._R0se g0lden._Hace un mes
  • in the few videos i have made, i used your timelapse style of doing the video as a format so i understand both sides. but copy pasting video titles is just plagiarism for sure

    Fishhead436Fishhead436Hace un mes
  • Damn why you had to make this. I get your points but bruh, some of ur vids have 20m views!!! Why do you even care bro? You sound a bit like a whiny dude man not gonna lie. Also ur making his platform even bigger even with the blurring.. just put this energy in making nice videos bro please

    H3llv1n4t0rH3llv1n4t0rHace un mes
    • @Diffa Ary sure but I wish he kept his videos, his videos you know. Now I have an opinion about him which I don't like.

      H3llv1n4t0rH3llv1n4t0rHace un mes
    • Dude, the guy Foo talked about copied him and monetize it without any credits given to Foo himself of course he pissed

      Diffa AryDiffa AryHace un mes
  • Dlab atsab and I guess the long term fishtuber is FJ from aciport. 😱 It's really heartbreaking. Edit : I wrote the key words on REVERSE.

    Earthling117Earthling117Hace un mes
  • leaf, leaf, leaf! 😂

    MelodyMelodyHace un mes
  • You guys who are offended by Foo standing up for himself are just pansies. The other guy talked trash first - he's a crybaby if he has to send his whiny fans to screech at the guy he randomly started shit with.

    From SpaceFrom SpaceHace un mes
  • Definitely plagiarism..

    snaggybeans Smithsnaggybeans SmithHace un mes
  • And I thought the knitting community was vicious.....

    Sarah GrantSarah GrantHace un mes
    • @From Space no doubt!! 🤣🤣🤣

      Sarah GrantSarah GrantHace un mes
    • You should see the doll community - it's like Karens on parade!

      From SpaceFrom SpaceHace un mes
  • On the positive side, perhaps people that like their channel will notice your channel too. You have very peaceful videos that would be tough to copy exactly. If they showed your entire video and monetized it, that's a different story and they should not be able to make a penny from your work. Cheers. Hope things look up for you.

    Haiku RutledgeHaiku RutledgeHace un mes
  • Who is the other channel?

    McTaggart FamilyMcTaggart FamilyHace un mes
  • no ones videos compare to yours not even his, I can understand why your annoyed i would be too. but keep doing your awesome videos ive been watching about 4 years now and i have just bought a small nano tank to attempt to try out a small no filter tank fully inspired by you, thanks :)

    Luke hartleyLuke hartleyHace un mes
  • Foo, you make us feel personally connected to your tanks and fish. No one can replicate that; his audacity in claiming he has higher quality vids is laughable.

    Tim S.Tim S.Hace un mes
  • Remoras - Annoying but not dangerous 😃

    Ramadhan TopanRamadhan TopanHace un mes
  • damn, it sounds like you've achieved nirvana. gotta love the professionalism. i haven't been recommended any other channels and I've only watched yours. the ending is just magnifique haha

    aferna Codesaferna CodesHace un mes
  • I like the fish, monkeys and lemurs in background

    Nature BrothersNature BrothersHace un mes
  • Love your voice, man.

    Ilya KupriyanovIlya KupriyanovHace un mes
  • He might be piggybacking on your channel, but his content was original. He built the tanks, the produced the videos, it's original content, it's not plagiarism. It is certainly not nice though.

    Dániel SüvegesDániel SüvegesHace un mes
    • No, but his titles were copy/pasted, which is what Foo said if you had actually listened to what he had to say before you made up your mind.

      From SpaceFrom SpaceHace un mes
  • No way your voice is calming too... 😩

    May JayMay JayHace un mes
  • wow i didnt know this was a thing. you're the only fishtuber i watch 😕 i hope it stops though

    Grace CGrace CHace un mes
  • i actually found his channel and went all over the videos titles and there's not one that i can really say that its the same as anyone of your vids

    The Real DohosThe Real DohosHace un mes
    • @Michelle L who is it

      kurts Kokkurts KokHace un mes
    • I think the guy has changed the videos titles he copied since this video came out. It was the 'No filter, No CO2, No ferts' titles.

      Michelle LMichelle LHace un mes
  • Wow I hadn't really noticed this, but it's quite insane. I think it's great that you talk about this issue!

    Life in Jars?Life in Jars?Hace un mes
    • Hey your channel is awesome too!

      RengokuGSRengokuGSHace 29 días
    • i want you to make a 20 minute video of you saying copepods.

      Hobbly BobHobbly BobHace un mes
  • LMAO I was wondering why the monkey clips for the most part of the video. Wait for the ending... That was hilarious 😂👍 (Doing my aquarium inspired from some of your videos.)

    Sivasankar SSivasankar SHace un mes
  • Tbh, everyone at some point is copying the fish 😂 wheres the creds for the fishies yo?!

    ScarWXLFScarWXLFHace un mes
  • I have watched your videos more for the music. And a little bit of evolution. It's really relaxing. Yeah copy that lol

    Saif SiddiquiSaif SiddiquiHace un mes
  • I always thought this channel was ran by a Japanese guy. maaaaybe I’m write it was a long shot from the startXD

    XAN3XxXAN3XxHace un mes
  • snowflake first world problem. complain to youtube.

    Peter WeirPeter WeirHace un mes
  • First off, I agree with you and think its considered stealing content at this point. Though, I do remember once you saying that viewers can tag their videos with "no ferts" "no co2" to show that they are inspired by you. This person may have started with that intent but then gotten lazy and started stealing instead of being inspired.

    purp scurppurp scurpHace un mes
  • I'm here for loomster and I know exactly who his Daddy is. I dont even enjoy any other fish videos but yours.

    Ashley WallaceAshley WallaceHace un mes
  • If this guy is voicing a grievance against you, you definitely are in the wrong. #ImWithFoo

    Phillip GagePhillip GageHace un mes
  • Face reveal

    job matthewjob matthewHace un mes
  • I didn't watch the whole thing, but that guy seems like an a-hole. I really enjoy your work, keep doing what you do. It's been so cool seeing your channel grow the way it has. Now I'm off to refer to your older videos for help on setting up my first Walstad tank. I'm so excited. Fishkeeping is not something I was ever super interested in before, but you definitely changed that for me. :) P.S. There won't be any plagiarizing/competition from me though. I have no desire to be a fishtuber or youtuber in general. lol

    Lyn DLyn DHace un mes
  • Wow that’s crazy. I’ve seen his channel before but never noticed that. I’ve been grinding away for 12 years or so and I would definitely be upset. I never comment but I’ve enjoyed your videos for a long time thanks.

    pecktecpecktecHace un mes
  • Despite your passive nature you have to stand up for yourself this person is literally stealing your content

    Adrian QuintonAdrian QuintonHace un mes
  • This is the only aquarium channel I watch on YT...but copying the titles of your videos is ridiculous. If I were watching the other channel I'd drop it and go to the original. I'm not an aquarium person...I just like your videos they're interesting and peaceful.

    Brian GBrian GHace un mes
  • Wait there are more of you? Tbh you're probably the only good one

    Dean DeanDean DeanHace un mes
  • Foo, your channel inspired me. My 2 y.o. got a betta bowl as a Christmas gift that we've slowly upgraded to a 20 gallon planted community tank - we got hooked on the volcano series and have learned so much from watching your videos. Genuine quality is hard to come by. You may be imitated, but never duplicated. Love growing and sharing this hobby with my kid, thank you Foo!

    Matt HensonMatt HensonHace un mes
  • I know the other channel you are talking about. I believe I subbed to them first before you but both channels I subbed within a year so maybe I found his channel due to him copying you. I do kind of like his videos but he is so obsessed with monetisation. His videos are stuffed with ad after ad. And he does what all the other you tubers do that just care about views, and that’s create a thumbnail pulling an “OMG” face and a click bate title. I preferred his older videos but his new ones are just about greed and ads. I have learnt quite a bit about aquascaping from him and he inspired me to completely re do my tank. He obviously found a way to boost his channel but unfortunately it was off the back of your content. As I said just above. His videos now are clickbate thumbnails and ad ad ad just like a lot of others. Interestingly this person's newer videos take on the style of "the king of DIY" so maybe they have plagiarised his channel now.

    Clayton GoodmanClayton GoodmanHace un mes
  • Maybe watermark your videos? I think that might help?

    AdmiralFroggyAdmiralFroggyHace un mes
  • I felt sad about this post. The only comfort I can offer is that this person will eventually answer for his actions. Cold comfort indeed.😐

    Jay TeeJay TeeHace un mes
  • TV #1............Does this mean there are more in this series?

    Aussie AquaticAussie AquaticHace un mes
  • No one could have replaced foo. drama Can't fool people. Hope you get more and more quality viewers watching your high quality work/project . Cheers👍🏻

    小雨Raine小雨RaineHace un mes
  • They hate u cuz they ain’t u 😌

    Hanna GarrisonHanna GarrisonHace 2 meses
  • Food for you! You are THEE ONLLLLLLY CHANNEL I WATCH! You were recommended and I was sucked in by the beauty and the music and of course the aquariums (and curry)!!! I tried ONE time branching out and watching other videos and I really wasn’t interested. Regardless, sorry you are dealing with this and good for you for speaking up!!!

    kimberquirkykimberquirkyHace 2 meses
  • idk who he is but he's cancelled 💆🏼‍♀️

    brittle kneebrittle kneeHace 2 meses
  • His comments are disrespectful

    ShelbsterVerseShelbsterVerseHace 2 meses
  • I subscribe to both of you and to be honest I never saw anything on his channel that I thought was anywhere near plagiarism. There are several channels out there other than his that do straight up copy your cinematography using classical music and Walstad setups

    Cristina DCristina DHace 2 meses
  • In fairness......My Yes Filter, Yes CO2, Yes Ferts videos were in HOMAGE to Foo the Flowerhorn, and went completely Unnoticed :)

    Aussie AquaticAussie AquaticHace 2 meses
  • did you invent volcano setups in fish tanks? people's entitlements on ideas.

    luenfire not artluenfire not artHace 2 meses
  • SPLIT? No way dude. We got your back!!

    Manic MercurianManic MercurianHace 2 meses
  • When talking about fish and tube, you're my only one.

    JuusoJuusoHace 2 meses
  • I always prefer watching your video compared to other fishtuber...

    affida adamaffida adamHace 2 meses
  • Sorry about this - I can see how it would be annoying.

    Paul WhitePaul WhiteHace 2 meses
    • If it helps - your channl has a very distinct "flavour". I come here because of the relaxed nature of the videos, well chosen music, livestock as personalities. And, of course, Curry the Cat. The "other channel" - I had been following him without noticing that his early vids were, well, derivative of yours. As you say, he's not bad - he's got an eye for setting up a tank. But it is very different - flashy and his investment must be enormous (God knows what he does for a living). In short - you have a very distinct brand - I recommend you to other fish people and non-fish people just because your vids are a 5 minute slice of peace in a mad world. I run an aquarium, and also a huge aquaponic set-up (rainbow trout) that has subsumed my garage. I have thought about joining the ranks of fishtubers. If I do, yours will be the first chnnel on my recommend list.

      Paul WhitePaul WhiteHace 2 meses
  • I came into this video on your side and came out on the other guys side. It's just inspiration man, if I want to find more "no CO2, no ferts, no filter etc" videos, that's what I'm going to search, and not just want to find ONLY your channel. I thought he was copying your titles word for word not just that last part, but he isn't, and you didn't invent this method. He doesn't steal your videos, he creates content for the people who want more of this style. And you know what? I want MORE channels to make this kind of content, because I think it's AWESOME. 2 videos a month that are like 3 mins long isn't going to satisfy my need to watch these "no CO2, no ferts, no filter" videos, with relaxing music and nice editing. I want more!

    k kk kHace 2 meses
    • @From Space If he openly trash talked then ok, but I don't see any evidence of that in this video. And even if he did, that's not even the point of Foo's channel, which is the point I'm arguing against.

      k kk kHace un mes
    • If you defend a guy who has openly trash-talked Foo, and then you try to shame Foo for defending himself, it really says what kind of person you are. MD can do what he wants on his own channel, but like you, he really showed everybody his ass.

      From SpaceFrom SpaceHace un mes
    • I dont think there is any side to be on. He posted mostly diffrent videos until he found foo and took his way of naming videos (wich is okay), he also used a same way of filming the whole thing and pretty much tried to replicate his style of videos as far as he could. Thats a bit tough if u consider that he never addressed where he got the 'inspiration' from and pretty bold of him replying every now and then to people naming foo in the comments that he is putting more work in the videos or that his videos are better quality. Thats just a clear lack of respect

      Juley KotcJuley KotcHace un mes
  • This guy needs a visit,I love your videos. He can't be hard for someone to find,friends & all

    Kathy ChildressKathy ChildressHace 2 meses
  • stretch

    Tom CorkTom CorkHace 2 meses
  • That's pretty irritating. He 100% copied your format and is trying to piggyback off your titles. It's disappointing and unoriginal. I imagine there is some sub crossover. This seems like what happens in almost all industries though. Someone has an original idea that catches on, then 1000 other imitators create iterations of that original work. Not everyone is capable of good original creation. He'd probably have been just as successful creating his own format since it clearly looks like he's willing to do the work of building tanks, filming and editing. It's just disappointing that he chose to blatantly copy someone else' format.

    Michael MMichael MHace 2 meses
  • Keep up the good work, frustrating when this happens but guess your ideas and videography is at a level where greedy people want a piece of the pie. Some people smh...

    Lawrence FarrellLawrence FarrellHace 2 meses