Curry the Cat’s Favorite Toys of All Time

2 ene 2021
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In the last 11 years, we tried over 20 different kinds of toys ranging from around $1 to $50. Some even with motorized mouse that went round and round, but these are her favorite toys of all time. They are the cheapest stuff you can find around the house. Go figure.
She also really liked a metal lid of some kind, and she would play with it all the time, even at night. That was actually her favorite toy of all time for maybe 5 years or so, but she lost it.
I play with her every day so that she doesn't get depressed from the move.

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Curry’s last visit to the vet was okay. The x-ray showed one kidney stone has disappeared, but the other one has broken up and there’s a chance a small piece might or might not pass through the urethra. I’m giving her minimum of 120cc of water a day mainly with a syringe, plus wet foods and her usual medicines. On the days that she doesn't eat very much, I also spoon feed her wet food after blending it to keep her weight up. I'm hoping for the best.

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  • I 100% come to your videos for the great aquarist content, but seeing curry in one of your videos actually inspired me to get my own Siamese cat, Loki. I’ve had him 6 months now, and he’s an excellent cat. He loves to watch the fish in my 16 gallon!

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  • You should try the raw food diet, Cooper was diagnosed with Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (very rare incurable heart disease) in November and has since then about 6 months left to live. He started to eat less and less to the point that treats were the only things he'll eat and he would vomit from the kibbles. I changed wet foods and he didn't seem to get full, he was eating like 7 times a day and then still losing weight. Until I found a place that sells specific raw food just for cats. Gosh, he picked up 40g in one week and after a month another 300g of muscle mass (not fat - which is really amazing) and his energy levels are back to somewhat normal (the meds makes him tired). Even though we can see he is not "okay", he is doing very well under his circumstances, and the doctors are so happy (even though they do not approve of the raw food diet, they are very impressed with his results). However, if you do find a reputable raw food supplier, you need to just confirm with the vet that Curry's meds will not interfere with the raw food. Have a look at the documentary Pet Foo(d)led it is mind-blowing! The raw food diet will definitely help with kidney issues. Have a look at this article there is a chance that switching to this diet, it could really benefit or even possibly cure Curry's diagnosis.

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  • Saw your description and figured I'd comment: when my elderly cat needed calories due to lack of eating, i'd use calorie paste that's made for cats. Not sure of your cat's history or if something like that would be bad for a kitty with kidney stones, but i figured I'd mention it! They're looking a lot better so your love and care are paying off!

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