Children's Recitals EXPLOITED by Music Publishers Aided by False Youtube CONTENTID Matches

11 mar 2020
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The kids in this video:
(If you click on the links and see ads, the money wrongly goes to the music publishers and their clients, not to the kids, b/c these videos are falsely claimed right now.)

music: Erik Satie: Gymnopedie No1 played by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

  • So, whose fault is it? I think most music publishers don’t know that this is happening b/c youtube ContentID system is AUTOMATICALLY falsely matching them. However, recently, music publishers started to DENY my disputes and push it to go to APPEAL. That means my videos could stay in limbo for up to 60 days! That’s after I showed EVIDENCE. Only when I told them I’ll pursue legal action, they let go of the claim. My most recent video, the 13th month update for Kartoffel is in appeal right now. That’s after I linked my evidence in the initial dispute. I just wanted to say some publishers were speedy and professional about false claims. Some have let go of false claims as little as in 8 hours or so. But then there were others who would take the entire 30 days and let the disputes expire on their own. And everyone in between. Copyrighted music on youtube: Basically, you can’t cover the Beatles b/c they are copyrighted. You can’t sing, play guitar, hum, whistle, wine glass, nor burp The Beatles music b/c it’s illegal and the ContentID system could match it. HOWEVER, ContentID SHOULD NOT match rhythms, notes, melody, nor anything else for PUBLIC DOMAIN CLASSICAL MUSIC. ContentID program should ONLY MATCH EXACT RECORDINGS for the public domain music, b/c only the recordings can be copyrighted, not the notes and the rhythms. ContentID should have a DATABASE of PUBLIC DOMAIN MUSIC, and should be smart enough to recognize public domain music. And only match EXACT RECORDINGS, not similar recordings of it. I’ve contacted youtube around 30 times and only got generic replies. This is the single biggest reason why I begin to really dislike youtube. It’s like being punished 60+ times for something I didn’t do wrong. ESwindow feels like it’s a platform where you’re punished for doing the right thing. It takes all the FUN out of it. This is the single biggest reason that kills motivation, inspiration, and fun out of making youtube videos for me. I used to LOVE youtube and making videos was fun. Now, there have been more than few instances where I would actually use the opposite word to describe this platform. I really didn’t want to make this video. I’ve contemplated for over a year on this. But nothing’s been fixed. And some music publishers seem to be pushing harder to take what’s not theirs. I understand that in the past, youtubers were at fault for using copyrighted content. ESwindowrs basically stole from artists. However, that’s not an excuse to go after EVERYONE including people who’ve never infringed copyright, and who aren’t right now.

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    • @Matej Kolečáni yes we should get rid of it as now there is no big risk to distribute something. For example:before the internet you had to distribute physical copies of a book by ships or post. The ship used up fuel that costed to deliver you the books. The ship could have got lost or sank. once a book was profuced it was risky to distribute it becouse of all the things that could interfere with the physical transportation of it. Now that the internet exists publishing houses and the distribution sistem is no longer needed as the book can be uploaded instantly at a smaller or non existent price without the need of mass production and the time and resouces it takes to produce it.

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    • Abolish copyright or make it's length a maximum of 14 years.

      Ichim IustinIchim IustinHace 4 meses
    • It's the parents due negligence for not reading any contracts over and signing things they don't understand. It's happening a lot with tiptoe where people are signing over rights to videos without reading into it properly. More fool them.

      Holy freakin' dragon slayer!Holy freakin' dragon slayer!Hace 6 meses
    • So... Are you using music played by kids in your videos without asking?

      Frank WalterFrank WalterHace 6 meses
    • ESwindows copyright system is retarded because on one of my other channels the publishers of a audiobook tried to claim that something of theirs was in my video but what they had said was in my video was a audiobook and my video had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH A AUDIOBOOK! when we told ESwindow about their audiobook claim the people who put the claim on IMMEDIATELY DROPPED THE CLAIM and I celebrated!

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  • yet one more comment for algorithm

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  • Thank you for standing up for those kids. You're a good guy, and I hope that this call out makes more people aware of the truth.

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  • These are proud parents who want to share their amazingly talented children and these greedy corporations are copyrighting them. This is beyond disgusting on so many levels

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  • Oh no

    McDonald TrumpMcDonald TrumpHace 2 meses
  • This is not a mistake. The copyright trolls are paying ESwindow to harvest their platform. Besides being illegal, youtube is profiteering from this criminal activity. Time for federal court to deal with youtube!

    Tore LundTore LundHace 3 meses
  • Please explain more how I can help I’m not a youtuber but just a spectator but some of these videos even I watched I’m crazy about classical music please explain o I can help in any way possible

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  • How did these kids get out of your fish tank?

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  • youtube/google wont fix it unless it affects their money. ESwindow is not affected by this in anyway unless they dont have a way to implement it and create a claim system. While it says that you can dispute the claim within 5 days and the money will be held until the matter is settled. The person who made the false claim can say "nah, this is mine. screw fair use" and reject the dispute or youtube may not do anything to review it. They ended up making a video about it, youtube i mean, saying that they fight it. ( ). i dont fully believe this, and could just be something to satisfy the public. Well it doesnt look like that worked too well since in the comments i only saw one person in about the first set who defended youtube. the rest of what i saw were personal stories, and people pointing out some inconsistencies. Like any other business, youtube has money in its mind, not the creators. The creators are the way they make money, and so many come and go that there are plenty of people for them to leech off of. even if a few people complain, nothing much they can do to punish youtube for it. I mean youtubes is pretty much a monopoly, they still have competition but its like a gaint vs a spec of dust. I have to say youtube needs competition to improve its policies for us the consumers and the creators.

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  • srimp will protect at all cost!!.

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  • I 100% agree with you. The Copyright system is corrupt on YT because people are greedy for money. YT does nothing to fix it. ☹️

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  • ESwindow actually sucks and I'm sad there's nothing I can do about it to help you. your videos have helped my anixety so much ... you don't deserve to have this stress forced upon you. wish there was something people can do... hate the way the world works.

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  • ESwindow is not the same as back in the days. If you got something to say now you get shadow banned

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  • Horrible. .

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  • Thanks for being brave and calling out a problem with the platform. I was completely unaware of this!

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  • WTF ESwindow get your act together

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  • That algorithm must be dumb as shit! 😉 or looking the other way 😒 but let us try to add in a know background set of music and we get blocked. Must be nice to work for the Company 🤫

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  • ESwindows in trouble cuz the zen shrimp dude is mad.

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  • Super crappy.

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  • This is awful.

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  • ESwindow as a company is a fucking cesspool. They worry too much about useless shit and let these fucking thieves do what they want. Fuck ESwindow, we need a competitor right now.

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  • what even? these people use public domain content, and then when someone else uses that content, it theirs to claim?

    Eli EgbertEli EgbertHace 11 meses
  • I have similar issues on videos of shows I've done with adults performing, where they get claimed by the original artist's company for singing against a purchased and licensed backing track. ContentID is really not sophisticated at all, and it sucks and hurts creators. Fortunately those are only up for the folks in the shows to see, and are unlisted videos anyway, not something I'm trying to monetize, but still. I feel this pain.

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  • I take it your background had been claimed then Foo

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  • ESwindow is flooded with these claims on all sorts of videos, youtube, however, doesn't seem to mind considering either way, they are still getting their money. upsetting to say the least.

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  • I was also an abused child

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  • The name of the organization that commits particularly malicious fraud is Walt Disney Music Company (Publishing), BMG Rights Management,Sony ATV Publishing,WAMI_CS. These groups do not give up unjustified claims even if they warn against litigation. The fraud scheme falsely claims that the piano sheets arranged and issued in Japan are fraud group publications.

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  • Je n'ai pas compris

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  • All appreciation for exposing this broken youtube copyright system :)

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  • I kind of feel like this is a consequence of the new system they implemented. To where they were trying to crack down on people not giving proper credit for music and video usage. Along with improper permissions. Yet the reverse has happened now to where companies are turning this into a cash cow by instead stealing other people's work and making it hell to prove otherwise. It's really ironic honestly and shows the lengths people will go for a quick buck and claim it's their property and so forth when you confront them about it.

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  • Do you watch twosetviolin??

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  • This is a very wrong! How are they getting away with that? Thank you for spreading awareness on this issue. I hope it gets figured out.

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  • Esta palabra sera de mucha bendiciones para sus vidas

  • How to make youtube videos. Step 1: No music.

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  • Be strong bro...

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  • lmao it is funny that greedy companies want to steal pennies off of these kids using royalty free music and can't be copyrighted no matter what from companies because the artist is dead and you can own the rights to these old songs that are like hundreds of years old and the artist is way past dead and youtube is fricked to not putting a stop to this because it's these companies think they have full control to make a few bucks when it doesn't belong to them and since the artist is dead and these songs are before the copyright laws came in these songs cannot be copyrighted whatsoever because it is royalty free music and they have the right to copy. plus youtube is trying to be child-friendly because of coppa but not trying enough to protect these kids from money grubbing false claims from greedy companies.

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  • Good for you👏👏👏 It's never fun making yourself a target, but way to stick up for what's right! I commend you

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  • Damn these kids are good though!

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  • What's amazing to me is that abusing ESwindow's content claiming system seems to carry no repercussions. If you challenge it you might get your video back but there will never be any negative consequences for the groups making the false claims.

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  • I came here for the fish and found this gem. Nice.

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  • If you're interested... Tom Scott made a pretty interesting (and long) video about the copyright system on ESwindow which you can find here: I think it's a pretty good watch, even if it doesn't solve your problem. >_

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  • @TwoSetViolin

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  • I seen a lot of similar cases here on ESwindow what a shame. ESwindow should get their shit straight before losing users. Good thing people aren't staying quite about this kind of issues.

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  • Good work.

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  • ESwindow has morphed into something omnipotent. They can take down any video that doesn’t fit their agenda. We need an alternative.

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  • Giờ chuyển qua đi bốc phốt youtube 😁 You trying to recognize youtube mistakes

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  • I was just wondering where you get the music for your videos because it is really nice

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    • Also as a piano player myself I feel very mad that children so talented are exploited like this.

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  • Ah, the Japanese. Perfect

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  • Unexpected but welcome

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  • Everyone gangsta until calm fish boi gets pissed of.

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  • its a huge hassle to fight copyright claims first you dont get any money 1 month doesnt matter if the claim is good or not. then after a month they check if the claim is good but you have to fight it again if you dont they dont check it.

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  • Why are there so many tabs open?. Just use one tab man you dont have TO add one every single time you use youtube or other sites.

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  • At 3:37 Thats a German school.. Wtf

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  • This is just sad now.

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  • 4:42 Really. A 11 year old works his life on Chopins winter wind and it gets stolen. Winter wind is a crazy hard piece for piano. That’s so much time dedication, if you’re even a beginner pianist you’d know how much time is necessary to learn all the fingerings, the necessary habits, to learn basic music theory and how to read the notes Don’t be tricked by the first few measures. This piece is by no means slow. It’s a crazed flurry of nearly Moto perpetuo sixteenth notes. This isn’t even just an issue for that piece in the video. Every single dang musician there took time and unmeasurable effort to learn their designated piece. The fact it gets stolen is shameful.

    PatrickPatrickHace un año
  • Oh Google since when you became the villian? I hope Soros isn't pushing too hard on you these days...

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  • I was pulling from my juul at 2:41 and I threw it across the room because I thought it was going to explode 😂

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  • Best thing to do is report

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  • Can someone make some songs and give them to him?

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  • If your kid’s piece is tricking that system, they’ve clearly nailed it.

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  • ESwindow is fucked

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  • some of these claims are wild. Some of the names of those claimants outright say things like "public domain music". Are they under the impression that if some artist under their label does a performance of Mozart, they own that song now? That other performances of that song infringe on that copyright?

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  • i want to help but i dont know how. What shoul I do?

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  • ESwindow has become the Goliath of this century and becoming complacent.

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  • Idk what’s happening

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  • you did the right thing! im gonna tweet this!

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  • ESwindow better not have exploited the video me playing chopsticks!

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  • Ok ESwindow

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  • ESwindow is honestly trash to its content creators and the only reason I continue to use it is because I'm wait for something new to take over like facebook did Myspace. That's not to say they're any better...

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  • That is a very long list! What can we do to help?

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  • I want to lisent aphex twin in your videos

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  • Damnit ESwindow! *Shakes fist* ✊ I really do hope someone makes a better, less corrupt version of this platform and that everyone migrates to that instead.

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  • I am really wishing there was another platform for creators instead of youtube, but all the major sites are just as bad and pateron is going to garbage real quick too, if you ever move platforms please let us know

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  • The worst part is this video gonna get claimed by these cheating "artists"

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  • So peeps, when we moving?

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  • I wasn't going to watch this video because it wasn't the usual. But I knew you wouldn't post something if you didn't want us to see it. I already knew about how corrupt youtube is but this is terrible. Thank you for shedding light on this

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  • Fuck the capitalization of this website!! Look at this ! This was only boosted by that “internet economic freedom” bill from a few years ago too btw. I miss when this was a free for all website we were all just uploading anything too. Sad

    shiusashiusaHace un año
  • Thanks for exposing this !

    catyear75catyear75Hace un año
  • This explain the Erik Satie music in your videos. And congrats for the choices for instrumentation. Satie is one of favorite of mine.

    Lucas Martins de MelloLucas Martins de MelloHace un año
  • I love both Taylor Swift and this channel but this isn’t the way I’d expect these two to cross-path lol. I hope ESwindow will solve this problem asap. Love your videos!

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  • 🐉 Green Jade

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  • Just wow. I had no idea this was happening and I'm sorry. I have heard from many channels that youtube is just awful, but you've clearly showed why youtube is awful, so thanks for that.

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  • I'm glad you made this. Thanks for informing!!

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  • This is insane- why is this happening..

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  • wow this is appalling.

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  • Weird aquarium, but it's cool..

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  • You should check out the video "Believe Music - ESwindow Copyright Scam?" it is able these kinds of scams. It is a shame youtube has not stopped this from happening, it really damages this platform. Nice video, I will share it :)

    Life ProfilerLife ProfilerHace un año
  • great thank you

    Holy LotusHoly LotusHace un año
  • I can see a lot of hard work in the research that you’ve done and the time you have taken to find all of these videos. I really hope that you are heard and that you continue to reach out to your fan base if you need the help. Your videos bring calm into my day and most likely do the same for a lot of others. Supporting you in making the process of providing us that content easier, is the very least we could do.

    Fariha FarukFariha FarukHace un año
  • WTF! WHO R U!

    one userone userHace un año
  • We need a new version of ESwindow

    Walter E. KurtzWalter E. KurtzHace un año
  • You cannot copystrike Beethoven songs! Who the fuck thinks he owns Beethoven's songs????? "The copyright duration of composed music is the same as for books, paintings and other literary and artistic works: the author's lifetime + 70 years. Therefore, the musical compositions of old masters like Beethoven (1770 - 1827) or Mozart (1756 - 1791) are all in the public domain and you can freely use them."

    Taurus DragonTaurus DragonHace un año
  • Its only going to get worse since YT is only allowing bots to manage everything during the COVID panic.

    MoreCarStuffMoreCarStuffHace un año
  • No clue what this is or what's going on, but it involves children and money. So I guarantee pedios or "they" are at the end of this rainbow.

    Joe MoJoe MoHace un año
  • How to prevent from oil film on the surface of the water

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  • This has happened on my channel quite a few times. The Chemical Brothers publishers' algorithm (or whoever owns it) claimed a simple synth sound - a standard filter sweep. The management were great and sorted it in a couple of days, but as you say others don't respond and its up to you to sort it out. The same sweep was also claimed by others, it's such a standard sound. Comments included people having claims for using a drum machine, or using sample libraries, as well as random sounds! It's endemic, and when you think about how many false claims are being made there is a whole lot of cash being collected illegally from millions of videos. I only made this video (for me also it's not my usual style of upload) as the single sound was getting hammered!

    Starsky CarrStarsky CarrHace un año