Ep. 3 Igloo Tank (New Pair of Umbrella Cichlids and What I Feed Them)

22 ene 2021
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These fish are called Apistogramma borellii Opal (Umbrella Cichlid). They are still pretty young fish. For the first 10 days or so, the male lived in the igloo and the female lived behind the driftwood. They really didn’t like each other at all. Then after a while, they started to live in the igloo together a lot of the time, but not always.
I chose these guys b/c they are one of the very few apistos that can live in high PH. These guys can live in PH range of 5~8. That’s a huge range. My tap is usually around 7.4 so I don’t have to do anything special to the water when I do water changes.
The reason why I spot fed them is b/c I really wanted them to take regular fish food. If they don’t take regular fish food and get conditioned to frozen or live food in the beginning, it can be difficult to get them to take regular fish food. So for the first few days, I only spot fed them flakes and pellets. They didn’t take it for the first 2 days, and on the third day, they ate just a tiny bit. It only takes one fish eating for the other to follow. Spot feeding also wastes very little food so there’s less excess food in the tank.
These guys are so smart, as most cichlids are. I’ve kept many different kinds of cichlids in the past, but always skipped the dwarf ones. They come right up to the front glass as soon as I enter the room. They seem to be afraid of the camera. That’s why you see the black stress marks a lot in the video.
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(I switched out the thermometer to a smaller one)(I switched out the thermometer to a smaller one)Apistogramma borellii (Umbrella Cichlid)

Filmed with LG V50 and clip on macro lens.
Edited with Premiere pro.

Bach Cello Suite no.1
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