I Moved. All of My Tanks Update

14 nov 2020
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Thank you everyone so much for the supportive words in the community tab. It helped me immensely. You have no idea.
As you might know, I was locked out from youtube studio b/c I moved. The system wanted me to “verify” that it was me, so I did the phone verification 2 times, email verification 2 times, USB key verification 2 times. The next thing on the list was to “move my entire channel to a new channel.” Seriously!? That’s gotta be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Then later the system disabled my account. I had to recover my account 2 times. And then everything went back to LOOP and wanted me to “verify” again! That’s when I decided to reach out to customer service.
Anyway, it seems everything’s back to the way it was.

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The move was ok for the most part. But some didn’t make it.
Igloo tank: it’s done cycling. I’m pretty confident that I can put fish in it now. I put bait shop shrimp in there just to see what would happen, and they are doing great. I might shoot some videos on them. They are hilarious. I’m only keeping them for a while and I’m gonna take them back to the bait shop later when I add the fish.
Loomster’s tank: A lot of the pearl grass got uprooted during the move. Loomster seem to be OK. The substrate did move a little bit, and I’m a little concerned about the all the “stuff” that might’ve gotten released from it. I did do a big water change. I did lose a few shrimp after the move. I’m keeping an eye on it.
Kartoffel’s tank: I reset the tank b/c there was an uncontrollable algae bloom. I always kept up with water changes, but the balance broke a while back and I’ve been playing catch up with this tank. Kartoffel’s fin rot comes and goes. He is eating and behaving normally.
The volcano tank: I moved lots of the monte carlo from the volcano before moving the tank. Some monte carlo had slime algae build up, so I had to remove it and clean it. I put the monte carlo back after cleaning it. It seems to be doing ok. All the Amanos died. They must’ve climbed out. Actually, lots of shrimp die in this tank. What happens is that lots of them climb the volcano, and when they fall off, they fall on the lid and some die on the lid and some fall to the ground. This tank is a death trap for the shrimp. Before I added a betta, this tank did not have a lid, so the shrimp that climbed the volcano just fell back into the water. I’ve been contemplating on this issue for a while, and maybe I might install a mesh or something around the volcano so that the shrimp can’t climb it. I’m too worried that the betta would jump out, so removing the lid is not an option. In the video, you can actually see a few dried up shrimp on the lid. When I moved, I found lots of shrimp on the floor behind the table. Fun fact: I built this volcano tank table. Other really ugly looking tables, I paid someone to do it, and it came out really ugly, haha. The igloo tank’s base and the oscar/flowerhorn tank’s base was built by a different professional.
Oscar/flowerhorn tank: It’s getting there. I’m thinking I’ll put water in it in a week or so.
Curry: I’ve been playing with her for 20 minutes or more each day for possible depression from the move. It’s hilarious. I might make a video how I play with her.

Interestingly, this new place has the same flooring as the old place.

The background for the oscar/flowerhorn tank was provided free by Back to Nature. This video is not a proper showing of the backgrounds. I’ll make a separate video where I setup the tank and show the background. It took so long to receive them, so I sort of changed my mind and I might use them outside the tank.

Background provided by: backtonature.se/en/
Background sent to me by:

Music: Schubert (Serenade)

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